EuroLeague Staff Application Details


Staff member
MKU Staff
EL Staff
Founding Member
Current Status: Recruiting

Description of the position:

Staff members of the EuroLeague are mean to help in the growth of this tournament being an active contributor of ideas, discussing topics and adding new features to the league. Being able to take part on a conversation giving arguments and ideas, previous experience, decent activity as it is essential for the league to be able to update results quickly and knowledge of Challonge/Drive are some of the points we would like to see on the applications. Being a Staff member also means to have knowledge about the teams that can participate in the league and the players that form this teams.

Info to include in your application:
  • Why you should be a part of EL's Staff
  • Previous Experience
  • Discord Contact Info
If you have any questions relating to what we look for in a member of our team, don't hesitate to reach out to a EL Staff member on Discord.