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Event Organizer Application Details

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Description of position:

Event Organizers are the ones who work to provide extra opportunities and more inclusive events for our members to take part in. Unlike league-style tournaments, such as MKU, many of the events hosted by Event Organizers will be held over a certain time period, whether it's a bracket-style team tournament that lasts a few weekends or even just an FFA-style tournament that lasts one day. General availability on weekends, more often Saturdays, is heavily preferred, as that is usually when most of our tournaments are run. Additionally, having a flexible schedule is also a plus since events can require a lot of work, not to mention we like to try out new things every now and then. On top of attendance, most of the tournaments we run will also require frequent updating throughout the event as well as quick decision-making for situations or conflicts that may arise. Experience dealing with these situations along with knowledge of the ins and outs of Google Sheets is crucial since most of our tournaments will utilize it in some form. While being an Event Organizer can prove to be a bit of work, having a say in what is planned and run in the community is an honor, and usually quite fun to be a part of.

Information to include in your application:
  • Why you should be an Event Organizer, and perhaps your motivation to be one
  • Previous Experience
  • Discord Contact Info
Good luck to everyone that applies!
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