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Description of position:

While this hasn't been a recent community role, we will be bringing it back to focus on hosting future tournaments for individual players and extra stuff for teams. To begin, there will be no specific roles in the group until further notice. Event Organizers will work to provide extra opportunities for our members to play more of the games they love. Unlike league style tournaments like MKU, many of the events hosted by Event Organizers will be one day/weekend and go by quickly. The tournaments will run a substantial amount of matches / rooms in single days at time, and will frequently be on Saturdays. General availability on Saturday is something that is for sure needed. Many of these tournaments will require frequent updating throughout the event as well as heavy moderation and quick decision making. Event Organizers will be expected to be able to work frequently with the Media Staff, as the type of events hosted by the group will be very good streaming options for them. Starting in 2019, the group will help run the Solo Circuit, a reimagining of the 2016 Ranked FFA Circuit that will last the length of the year ending with an entire day of streamed Kart to determine the champion. While not currently having registration for 200cc players, we will be looking to host some tournaments for these events, as well as even some battle mode stuff occasionally as well. If you have any general suggestions for events like these as well, feel free to come to us even if it's not an application via Discord.

Information to include in your application:
  • Why you should be an Event Organizer, and perhaps your motivation to be one
  • Previous Experience
  • Discord Contact Info
Like usual, good luck to everyone that applies!
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