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Holiday Supporter Discount and Free Name Changes


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Hi everyone,

Here at MKCentral we aim to provide you with fun tournaments and events and provide a great community to be a part of. To fund our site, we offer the Site Supporter feature year-round which gives features such as no ads, registry color customization, increased signature limits on the forums, and free name changes. This holiday season, until December 31, we're offering Site Supporter for a discounted price of $6 (regularly $10).

As well, we know that many people wish to change their forum username, which is usually a privilege only Site Supporters have access too. That being said, we think it's fair to give everyone an opportunity if they want a new name. Until the end of the year, we're giving one free forum name change per user. (Registry name changes are free for everyone year-round). Keep in mind that only name changes to proper aliases are permitted; spam or troll names will not be allowed, at staff's discretion. If you'd like a name change, contact @Nato, @Rookie, @mikkel, @Cynda, or @Jazzy on Discord or the forums.

Happy Holidays!
- The Mario Kart Central Staff
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