Mario Kart 8 World Cup 2019 General Info

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General Info
The Mario Kart 8 World Cup is an event that brings the best players in the world together to represent their country, in hopes of taking the title back home. Like former years, this will be a groups to bracket tournament. The only main difference this year will be a much faster pacing, and a relatively quick group phase.

Group Phase
The group draw will take place on June 15, live-streamed on the MKC Twitch channel. The weekend after will be the group phase. Teams interested in participating should make sure they will have enough for multiple matches June 22nd especially, with potential long gaps between matches based on the teams in each group. It's entirely possible that your team will play all matches on this date. In past years, the group phase has been very spread out and scheduling was tough for it; this year, the goal will be to focus on a single date that all teams have a month in advance to prepare for. Depending on team count, some teams may be advanced directly to the final bracket.

Bracket Phase
Following the group phase, the top 8 teams will advance to the bracket, which will run a traditional double elimination format. Bracket matches will mostly take place the week after the group phase finishes, with lots of matches on both Saturday and Sunday (June 29 - 30), but teams may also expect Round 1 on June 23rd. Streaming will mainly be focused on the bracket phase, with perhaps select matches in groups being featured.

MK8WC Server
Those who are interested or are already confirmed team reps should join the Discord server, available here. If you're just interested about the event in general, you're also welcome to join. Most organization will be done in the discord server, so please join if you are organizing a team or have questions about organizing one.

More information will come soon based on initial feedback, so stay tuned!
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