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Hey, I go by Mist, formerly by Elpis early on in 8DX. I've gone by many other names before, but I am an old 8U player who now takes this game on a very laid pack approach as I focus on other things in life. I currently play for Boo Bombs

A Brief History about me

I'm 23 years old from Ireland. I lived in Singapore and Vietnam from 2006-2011 hence the lack of an accent. I study computing where I do web design, media, programming, etc. I'm not too sure about my future at the moment, it's very uncertain but hopefully I can kept pursuing a career in that department.

I have dealt with a lot of mental disorders and as such, has been a massive toll on my life both in the community and in life in general however I am in somewhat a much healthier state nowadays compared to before, surrounded by better people and less toxicity to trigger bad things about me. All I stress about these days is internal family issues and well, stressing about my future.

I enjoy gaming of course, but when motivated I do enjoy editing videos and streaming but I haven't had motivation in a very long time so I only do this occasionally. I do lean towards multiplayer games since I find gaming much more enjoyable with friends, I have drifted away from single player games however, the odd game I will play because it's just that amazing.

I have been influenced by a handful of friends to start watching some animes (may add a MAL here at some stage once I feel like i've watched enough).

I've been around the community since 2014 upon the release of MK8 however I have lurked since about 2011, just never had any involvement or desire to be competitive. A random skype message in 2014 convinced me to not only buy the game but join a clan and I learned I had a thing for the game but I was intimidated by the pro time trialers all around me and grinded to improve to the player I became. In my time, i've played in clans such as Dynamite, Zephyr, Palingenesis and Reunion and briefly Fatal Aces in the early days of Deluxe. I've had many ups and downs, played at the highest level, actively time trialed, been in dramas, banned once, but overall it has been a great time in this community.

I'm definitely a polar opposite personality from back then, I just wanna chill, no toxicity, full PMA. If you wanna get to know me or play games, feel free to shoot me a message or reply to the thread!
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One of my current passions is Speedrunning which did stem from my love from Karting as a kid but also my days in 8U. Here's my current speedrun plans and my favorite records.


Best Records:

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled (2019) - Crate% World Record 20:32 Loadless
Really good run, the God time is sub 20 minutes but it's lasted over a year

Ty The Tasmanian Tiger (2002) - 51 TE (Console) 1:02:48
Current goal is to sub 1 Hour on PC
Crash Team Racing (1999)
Time Trialing Sporadically to get a feel for the game, have 1 good time so far

Spyro The Dragon Reignited Trilogy (2018)
Learning the first 2 games currently

Pokemon Generation 4
When I have the time
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Best Records I've Ever Set

Mario Kart 8U

N64 Rainbow Road - 1:17.843
GBA Cheese Land - 1:44.510 (No Dpad, I think it was the fastest non dpad time around then)

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled
Deep Sea Driving - 1:34.39
Dingo Canyon - 1:25.08 (Former World Record)
Jungle Boogie - 1:11.97
Jungle Boogie (Relic) - 8.50 Done before collision patch, I could maybe make a case for world record, held it previously
Mystery Caves - 1:53.91
Nina's Nightmare - 1:44.27 (Former World Record)
Nina's Nightmare (Ring Rally) - 694783 (Former World Record)
Spyro Circuit - 2:08.56

Crash 4: It's About Time
Home Cookin - 1:28.19 Speedrun.com Record

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
Ship Rex - 1:39.18 3rd Place
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