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Hello! Small Introduction, Me and a few of my friends have been running this sports server for the MK community. I am newer to the 8dx community so I have struggled to find ways to advertise this server to the community so I figured I would make a post.

Discord Link:

We have several different chats for different topics as you will be able to see below:


There are a lot of servers however upon joining server, you will only be able to see a few channels. You get to decide what channels you would like to join. Below you can see how:

It is as simple as that! You control what you see by reacting to what channels you want access to.

A few facts:
-The server has been alive and well for around 2 1/2 years, we just topped 130 members
-We run our own Fantasy Leagues, currently running 2 NFL ones right now, and hopefully a NBA one soon
- We have started to add other channels not related to sports (politics, music etc) but our main focus is still sports.
- We have a suggestions channel, we are always looking for ways to improve the server or channels to add
- Several custom roles requested by server members for certain sports teams (Example: Sixers role name is "Trusts the Process")

That is all. Although the server is doing way better than what I could've imagined when I first made the server, I'm am very eager to expand the server and hopefully produce interest in this community as well.

If you have any other questions feel free to dm me on discord zach#1984 or join the server and read #welcome-info

All server changes will be listed here 9/30/21 onward

1. 9/30/21: Geoguessr chat added, self reaction for access to chats added. MEE6 command removed
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edited thread as theres been quite a few changes

side note we are currently looking for a few more mods to help out as we have seen an increase in members the past few days. Join server and tag an admin if that interests you.