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MKC Ultimate - Smash Ultimate Tournament [Dec 29-30]

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Hey guys, I'll be dropping the picture of the rules you should be using.





If we choose to show your bracket match on stream, there are some specifications that we'll require, but I'll tell you that at the time of the match.


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Singles - December 30th 12:00 PM EST
Doubles - December 29th 12:00 PM EST
Crew Battles - December 29 4:00 PM EST

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/zXQnUSz
Smash.gg Page: https://smash.gg/tournament/mkc-ultimate-2018

Welcome to our first tournament for Smash Ultimate! This won't be something we do on the site very much, but since we have alot of smash players on our site we're looking to offer a few events for the MKC Community to partake in together online. The tournament will only be available for those that have an account on Mario kart Central, and no results will be tracked on this website.


To be used in ALL events

3 Stock
8 Minutes
Items - Off
Smash Meter - Off
Hazards - Off

Best 2 out of 3 until Top 8, Best 3 out of 5 for Top 8

*Players deemed to have bad enough lag/connection will be disqualified from the event. Please make sure you're in a stable setting for the entire event.


Singles & Crews




We have decided for the sake of simplicity in an online tournament to just run hazards off for everything so we don't have to change arenas mid-set. Battlefield & Omega forms may be used in place of Battlefield and Final Destination respectively.

For Game 1, players must strike starters in a 1-2-1 format. If it can't be agreed upon who strikes first, use a bot in our server to choose via _choose X Y command. The winner of the first game may ban 2 stages for the next match, including counterpicks. The loser of the match may then pick from the remaining stages for the next match. DSR is on - this means that you may not counterpick a stage that you have already won on earlier in the set.

You may choose any character you wish for each match. Since it's an online tournament, selection is blind and therefore no specific character rules will apply.


Because this tournament is for MKC members, registration will simply be done here on this thread. Just post the following information to enter.
- User Tag (what we ordinarily call mii name)
- Switch FC
- Events Entering (Singles, Doubles, Crews, etc.)
- Partner (if applicable)
- Crew (please note if you are the crew leader).
- Smash.gg Account (if applicable)

A crew leader must confirm the roster. Each member still must sign up, however.
-fc 3023 2200 4365


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Registration is closed now (Doubles, Crews)

Please join the server if you're playing, especially doubles, as brackets are going up shortly for doubles.


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Singles, Crews
Crew: pd
Smash.gg: Italic

We'll go ahead and add you to singles, but registration for Doubles/Crews already ended, so we can't add Pd as a crew


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We'll be starting Singles at Noon EST today, or 6pm CET! If you want to get in the bracket at the last moment, make sure to register here by 11:30am EST and join our Discord server (link in the first post).

All I need is your name for the bracket and your smash.gg account if applicable to you. We're currently sitting at 50 entrants for singles. Hope to see ever more tomorrow morning!


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30 more minutes to sign up. Currently at 52 entrants!


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Thank you everyone for participating! We had 68 total "attendees". We won't be hosting another on the site for probably a long time, but if you're interested in playing more casual events with us, join our server in the first post!

Anyways, the final results:

Singles - 52 Entrants

1 Demon
2 Zap
3 Nato
4 Royal
5 Marv
5 Squidz
7 Rookie
7 Zinc
9 Luigi_Fan2
9 Lewd Loli
9 Jax *
13 Dman
13 Crowe
13 JKsonic
13 Visto
17 Master K
17 Ice *
17 Sphinx
17 Azuza
17 Lex
17 Vantox
17 Marlin
17 Civil
25 TeeZee
25 TSM8
25 Erickfree
25 GinjaNinja
25 Popuko
25 Din
25 Saik
33 Lucasop
33 Joe
33 Dylan
33 Mitch
33 Cris
33 Laquon
33 Carty
33 Aidan
41 Aplex
41 Riku
43 Trollerderp66 *
43 Nicola *
43 Maci *
43 joel *
43 Nick *
43 Italic *
43 Kevin *
43 Horse *
43 Ven *

Doubles - 10 Teams

1 Nato / Ice
2 Rookie / Nicola
3 Royal / GinjaNinja
4 Alex E / zinc
5 Mitch / Leroy
5 Maci / Squidz
7 Lex / Kevin
7 Sphinx / Riku
9 TSM8 / Erickfree
10 Dman / Aidan *

Crews - 6 Teams
1 High Definition
2 xı
3 Aurora
4 Arcadia
5 Flow
5 Uprising

Congrats to all the winners and see you all next time! GGs