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If you haven't seen the announcement in our Discord server today, we have created the MKCentral - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe server. As a result of this, the MKCentral Discord will be seeing a few changes.

What is changing?
  • All MK8D-related discord channels will be moving from the MKCentral Discord to the MKCentral - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe server, which, if you have yet to join, you can do so here.
    • Anything relating to MK8D is moving here. Whether it is looking for a new team or competing in one of our tournaments, they will be done in this new server.
  • Player Support is also moving to this server, meaning that ONLY Player Reports will remain in the MKCentral Discord Server.
    • If you are looking to update your Friend Code, navigate the site, or need help with account resolution, you will now make a ticket in the #player-support channel of the MKCentral - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Server.
Why the change?

When we initially launched MKCentral, we only supported MK8D, thus, one server was enough. Once we added MKTour to the site, there was debate on making an MK8D-focused server, but due to MKTour already having an established server, it never happened. Now that we are rebuilding the site, we feel now is the best time to set up an official MK8D Community Server to align with MKTour's Community Server.

The creation of this server is also meant to accommodate our future plans as we traverse the rebuild, so while we understand this may seem rather futile, we think it will be better long term.

So, what becomes of the MKCentral Discord?
  • As mentioned earlier, Player Reports will be remaining in this server, as Site Staff will still be handling MKTour and MK8D reports there, in one central location.
  • We will be providing any major announcement in this server, which includes but is not limited to:
    • Openings for Site Staff
    • Major Site Updates (We are rebuilding the site!)
    • League/Tournament Announcements
  • Site Feedback will still remain here if you have ideas you wish to see implemented.
  • We have created a help channel (#help) specifically for those that aren't sure where to find the proper server, or just need some general questions on getting started.
  • Affiliates
    • If you are looking to run a tournament and partner with MKCentral to run it, this is where you would go to work with us on getting your event ran on-site.
We understand this is a bit of a change, but we believe it was needed. We appreciate your understanding and willingness to give this a shot; we're hoping that this is only the beginning of many more great things to come.
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本日、MKCentralはMKCentral - Mario Kart 8 Deluxeサーバーを作成しました。これに伴い、現在のMKCentral Discordではいくつか変更がされました。

  • これまでMKCentralのDiscordサーバー内にあったMK8DX関連のチャンネルは全てMKCentral - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe サーバーに移動します。サーバーの参加はこちらから。
    • そのため、今後は新しい海外チームを探すときや、海外交流戦の外交についても新サーバーで行います。
  • 現在MKCentralのサーバーにあるPlayer Supportについても新サーバーに移動します。
    • Player Reportsについては現在のMKCentral Discordサーバーに残ります。そのため、特定のプレイヤーの報告についてはこれまで通り、MKCentralのDiscordサーバーで行ってください。
      フレンドコードの変更、サイトに関する質問、MKCアカウント関連の質問についてはMKCentral - Mario Kart 8 Deluxeサーバー内の #player-supportにお願いします。




  • 先ほど記載した通り、Player Reportsはこのサーバーに残り、Site StaffがMKTourとMK8DX関連のレポートを管理することになります。
  • このサーバーにて、今後以下の内容についてお知らせする予定です。
    • Site Staffの募集
    • サイトのアップデート(現在サイトを再構築しています)
    • リーグ戦、大会のお知らせ
  • サイトに追加してほしい機能などは#Site Feedbackでできます。
  • #helpチャンネルは、一般的な質問や、各サーバーの違いなどを質問する場です。
  • アフィリエイト
    • MKCentralで個人の大会を運営したい場合は、ここでMKCスタッフと協力して開催することができます。