[MKU-DX] Rules Suggestions Thread


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Your 3.4 suggestion is indeed somewhat of a loophole, we'll also probably discuss about it, but I can't really think of a realistic scenario where both teams suddenly at the same time don't have enough players to finish the match.
I couldn't really either, but you never know what'll happen in the community.

4.1 is already technically dealt with like your first proposition, as anyone using hacks in MKU is banned from mkc. Because it is a mkc decision and not a MKU one, it's not in the ruleset.
This was more related to spectating the room cheating rather than actual hacking.

We already tested neutral starts in one of mkc Agility tournaments (I believe it was the 4th?). Overall feedback is that it didn't make that great of a difference, as with the 8 tracks pool, variety was enough for teams to find the "track pick advantage" by just getting a track they practiced more.
It's not really a matter of practicing the track more, but more so a matter of the track being extremely beneficial for the spots that you're starting in. Like even at the lower level, picking rWS when you're all starting in the front is extremely beneficial regardless if you've practiced it a lot.

We also tested the track ban system in Agility 3, and once again, most people (to my knowledge) thought it was a fun gimmick but it shouldn't become a stable of the competition.
Ah my bad, didn't realize that. I don't think I was integrated into the community much around then.

Lastly, as MK8d laptrolling is way less punishing for runners, and the teams that gave it a try didn't really meet that big of a success, we don't really think laptrolling is (on the current way of playing the game) breaking competition as a whole, and therefore should be banned
I'm assuming you meant should not be banned but that makes sense I suppose.

Thanks for the feedback.