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[MKU-DX] Season 13 Confirmation

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We're back once again for another season of MKU! Season 13 Confirmations are now open, and will be open until January 31st. As always, confirmation is done on the MKC Tournament Listing. Only team leaders/managers can sign their team up for the season.

This season will follow the same format as the last three seasons; 8 teams per division, with 4 teams per conference.

Team representatives for Season 13 will be the leaders/managers for each team on the registry, so please make sure your Discord username and tag on the registry are accurate to what your name currently is in order to make it easier for MKU Staff to hand out roles in the server.

Teams have until January 30th @ 11:59PM UTC to confirm for MKU Season 13, and rosters will be locked at this time as well. Just a reminder that we have a new opt-out feature on the registry for players who won't be available to play this season, so if you do not want to be considered as part of your team for seedings, make sure to opt-out if you and your team agree it is best.

In order to opt-out, simply go to the tournament page, and from there, if your team has already signed up, you should see an option to opt-out. If you opt-out and want to opt-back-in you just repeat the process.

The season will start on February 7th, and run until March 21st.

Once again, it would be really helpful if we had access to your war results, meaning it would be beneficial if every team had someone from the MKU Staff in their server so they can obtain any applicable war results efficiently. It's not a requirement that teams do this, but it would allow for us to seed teams more accurately.

We hope you're looking forward to participating in this new season!

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