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Paid FFA (Cash Prizes) - Resolution - Saturday 4th January


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REGISTRY IS ON THE NEW LEAF ESPORTS WEBSITE : https://newleafesports.com/resolution/

Entry fee: $5, or currency equivalent.
Registry is not complete until we have received payment.
Player cap : 36 participants

Welcome to our festive season FFA, Resolution! Hoping everyone's been able to enjoy their celebrations so far. We're hosting this FFA not only as a standalone event but to help support our upcoming 2nd LAN event in April 2020, in the UK. The continued support of the community helps us to run our events, and we always try to give back where we can. We have a hard working community of people and without that, we would struggle to be able to provide what we do.

This is a Paid 1v1 FFA with cash prizes. Players will battle it out in a single elimination style bracket and play 12 races each round. Each player will ban the entire room from playing one track for the entire round. We're expecting the tournament to last a couple of hours at maximum, however times may run longer due to this being the first event of its kind that we're running.

Entry fees will be split 50/50 into the prize pot, and towards our April 2020 tournament, Embrace II.

Prize Pool:
1st Place: 50% of pot
2nd Place: 30% of pot
3rd Place: 20% of pot

Full tournament ruleset can be found on our website : https://newleafesports.com/resolution/ruleset/

For further information, please contact a member of New Leaf eSports staff on our Discord server.
Thanks to MKCentral for continuing to support our tournaments!

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