People who you're grateful for in the community

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This is a thread that was made on MKBoards a few years ago that I'd like to bring back on MKC.

It's pretty much a like generator at this point but I still think people would be appreciative to know these things.

My best friends who have stuck by me for years and who i care about so much.

@Stunky ~ My best friend for 10 years, thank you for being here to support me and help me through all the most difficult times in my life. You've done more for me than you may realise and I'm so grateful to have met you online and IRL.

@NitTheNat ~ I've only known you for 5 months and yet you have impacted my life in ways that nobody else has been able to do. You've been supportive, caring, helpful and overall the best person I could've met and I'm glad I brought you into Rv. You've been through so many tough times and I'm so grateful that it's ended with you being my best friend. You're the best <3

@iqra ~ We've known each other for a year now and I think we've helped each other through really tough parts of our lives, with our relationships with family and partners, we've always been there. Thank you for being there always when I've needed you and I hope I've been able to do the same for you.

@Chosen ~ You have stayed true and loyal to me and to Rv for as long as you've been in the community. Despite constant issues with other people in our circle, you've managed to stay calm and true to who you are and I appreciate you so much for that. Even with anxiety and other issues in your life, you're still a constant shining light whenever I play games with you or speak to you and that's a testament to who you are. You're amazing and don't let anyone else tell you differently <3

@Ceci ~ We only started talking recently but you have been one of the best things that could've ever happened to me. When I was in a dark place in my life, you were able to turn it around and put a positive light on it and prove to me that I always had friends that I could rely on in any situations. You are a strong, funny, caring individual and you deserve infinite amounts of love and respect for everything you've been through. I hope we will be lifelong friends and stay in touch <3

@L1am ~ You may only be 16 but you've been there for me when I've felt down and it's always felt like I'm speaking to someone who's my age. You know how to make me laugh and always keep me in a positive headspace and for that, I thank you so much. You never had to stay with the Rv group as an ally when you were better than us but you did anyways and that gave me so much happiness and I'm grateful for everything you've given to us.

@Howl I've known you for the longest out of everyone on this list. It's amazing 11 years on that we're still in contact and still playing this children's game together. Thanks for being here for me and for the team. You are a kind and honest person and you deserve to know how grateful I am for you.

@Fatality @SirDozent You're two of my newest friends but you've done a lot for me. Thanks for being around when I needed to chat to someone. You're both amazing :D

@Erppa5 @Oragari @Axybur @Tripz @Mxzzo ~ We don't speak very much in DMs but I wanted to thank all of you for being there to support Revival and support me whenever I've felt sad or angry. It means a lot to me.

Also people who I've had great conversations with and would like to speak to more

Leave your tags and comments below! Would love to see who people put down. :)


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You're amazing Kai!!! That was so kind and you're such an incredible friend to me and all of us! Sending loads of hugs 🤗


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ive joined a few calls during work whilst you all were warring and you're a very funny guy and hope to speak more soon if i wasnt dead from work :LOL::giggle:


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Much love bestie, we all love you! Thanks for being a great friend as well as a great leader! 🤗


Haven’t really talked with you too much but when we have you were always pretty chill and nice and just overall a great person! Hope we can talk more in the future.