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Predicts for MK9 (Mechanics)


Founding Member
Well, I want to ask you guys, what do you think what will be the "new" mechanic for "MK9"
I mean, MKDD was the 2 characters, double item, special items, etc.
MKW was the glitches xD, but they added the inward OP, etc.
MK7 was the gliders, underwater, and the fully custom karts, tyres and glider.
MK8 was the antigravity, firehopping, demonslide.
MK8D bring us the double item back, and it ended the firehopping.
I have some ideas for MK9, like:
-Quit the double item/Keep it
-Give new features to inward bikes
-Add tracks with a "portal" that can teleport you.
-More 1 lap tracks with 3 sections.
-New battle modes
-Give the coins more features(like 10 coins=1 mushroom, for example)
-Make the middle weight characters more playable for races.
-Add battle royale (jk)
-New mode of racing, like item rain but better, or something like that.
-Improve the tournament section, with a real tournament function(brackets,etc.)
I mean this is probabbly impossible bc of Nintendo being Ninty, but I hope they focus only a bit more in competitive MK, you can reply with your predicts :D


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MKTour comes with two cups and every other cup costs $2.99


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get rid of timer based items like fire flower and piranha plant. piranha plant feels detrimental in most situations


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I really hope they bring back snaking, however that seems very unlikely. Custom tracks would also be cool, but I doubt it happening as well. Maybe they go the Smash Ultimate way and remake every MK track ever?