[S3] MK8DX 200cc Lounge Rules [Updated 12/25/2020]

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Credits to Cynda for the original formatting.

DISCLAIMER: Only available in English for now.


a. Upon joining the server, users send either their MKCentral forum account or MKCentral registry account in the #mkcentral-links channel in our Discord Server. For help posting the forum account, a full tutorial on how to do it can be found in the Channels section under Info Channels. For help making a registry account, refer to this guide.

b. If you would like a specific nickname for the scoreboard and Discord server, you can ask for that too. If you already have a rank and would like to change your name, you can request nickname changes by creating a support ticket. Names can be changed ONCE during Season 3. You can change back to your Registry name at any time, but you will still be unable to make further name change requests.​
i. Nicknames may only contain letters (at least one), numbers, spaces, or underscores, and must be between 2-15 characters. They also may not contain any vulgar language or impersonate another MKC user. In most cases, if your name can be used as a Twitter username, you can use it in lounge. Exceptions may be granted on a case-by-case basis.​
c. Making an alternate account to join lounge will result in a permanent ban from lounge, and an MKCentral ban of at least 6 months. MKCentral Staff will find out if an alternate account is made, so it's highly recommended to not do so.


a. This is a server dedicated to hosting instant wars for MK8DX, while also serving as a community-based server to help increase activity with players and teams in the 200cc community. 12 players can gather and play an event at any time. All other public channels have their own purposes for players and teams outside of lounge events. See Channels in the server for more information on how the channels in the community section should be properly used.​
III. CHANNELS (most descriptions are pretty self-explanatory)

a. General Channels
i. #public is included for people to speak to one another outside of lounge events.​
ii. #media can be used for videos, streams, highlights, etc.​
iii. #bot-house channel is available for any purposes that the bots offer to be used, mostly with Toad. A list of bot commands can be found in #commands-lists.​
iv. #war-chat is something we added to this server with the hope to promote more activity outside of 200L for players and their 200cc teams, not being in-lounge events. Only use this channel if you and your team would like to search for a war.​
v. #team-recruitment should be used specifically for finding teams to join, finding members to recruit to your team, searching for allies, or creating an instant team.​
vi. We also ask that all voice channels are used for their correct purposes. If you wanted to voice call with someone else for something that is not a lounge event, please use the public voice channel or call in a different place. As for lounge events, if you would like to call with your teammate(s), then please use one of the voice channels set for the tier you are playing in.​
b. Suggestion Channels
i. #suggestions-disc is where general discussion about suggestions to improve the server takes place. Make a suggestion with "!suggest (your suggestion)".​
ii. #suggestions-vote is where suggestions are voted on.​
iii. #suggestions-log is where suggestion decisions are documented.​

c. Info Channels
i. (Pertains only to new members that join lounge) → #verification-en (flag:US) or #verification-jp (flag:JP) and #mkcentral-links are for anyone new who joins lounge. In order to have access to this server, every member is required to provide their MKCentral account for the staff to see (this applies to past members as well). #verification-en and #verification-jp show a quick tutorial of how to retrieve your account through pictures; if you do not know how to link either your forum or registry account, we recommend viewing this channel. Once you have your account, send it in #mkcentral-links. From there, one of our staff will need to give you a role and then you'll be all set!​
ii. #commands-lists channel displays all of the commands for the bots in this server. If a user is chat-restricted, they can find all of what they can type here.​
d. Support
i. #support can be used to open a support ticket, as the name implies. This opens a chat with you and the staff members only, meaning no one else can see it, and you can bring up whatever you feel is necessary.​


a. Players who consistently cause disruptions in the server such as trolling, flaming, spamming bot commands, etc. will either receive a chat restriction (only allowing them to send certain messages), or a mute. Using offensive slurs or language against a certain individual or individuals can also result in one of the aforementioned consequences.​
i. The MEE6 bot is programmed to warn users about using harsh words or phrases by deleting the message and DMing the user. If a user is warned 3 times within 30 minutes, they will be muted from the server for two hours.​
ii. If you ever witness or experience harassment from anyone in this server, please report it to 200 Lounge Staff, either through DMs or a support ticket, which can be found in #support. We highly recommend contacting MKCentral staff as well if it is serious enough.​

b. Any NSFW content in the server will be promptly deleted and the user that posts it will receive an indefinite chat restriction.​


a. Once a staff member verifies your account, you will be placed into one of the following ranks:​
  • Bronze: 0-2499 (Placement: 1750)
  • Silver: 2500-3999 (Placement: 3250)
  • Gold: 4000-5499 (Placement: 4750)
  • Platinum: 5500-6999 (Promotion-based)
  • Diamond: 7000-8999 (Promotion-based)
  • Master: 9000-11000 (Promotion-based)
  • Grandmaster: 11000+ (Promotion-based)
b. If you are unhappy with your placement or feel that you should've been placed higher or lower, then prove it by playing matches. The system will correct itself quite quickly if you deserve a higher grouping.​

c. MMR Placements: How do I rank up?
  • Bronze: 0 → 2499 | You must exceed 2499 MMR to rank up to Silver. You cannot rank down from this tier.
  • Silver: 2500 → 3999 | You must exceed 3999 MMR to rank up to Gold. If your MMR drops below 2500, you will rank down to Bronze.
  • Gold: 4000 → 5499 | You must exceed 5499 MMR to rank up to Platinum. If your MMR drops below 4000, you will rank down to Silver.
  • Platinum: 5500 → 6999 | You must exceed 6999 MMR to rank up to Diamond. If your MMR drops below 5500, you will rank down to Gold.
  • Diamond: 7000 → 8999 | You must exceed 8999 MMR to rank up to Master. If your MMR drops below 7000, you will rank down to Platinum.
  • Master: 9000-10999 | You must exceed 10999 MMR to rank up to Grandmaster. If your MMR drops below 9000, you will rank down to Diamond.
  • Grandmaster: 11000+ | It is impossible to rank up after achieving Grandmaster, but if your MMR drops below 11000, you will rank down to Master.
d. Depending on your rank, you will see a few channels that you can play matches in, listed below:
  • Tier 1: Grandmaster + Master + Diamond + Platinum
  • Tier 2: Diamond + Platinum + Gold
  • Tier 3: Gold + Silver + Bronze
  • Tier All: Grandmaster + Master + Diamond + Platinum + Gold + Silver + Bronze

a. Using MogiBot, the first twelve players to say "!can" or "!c" will play. Any players later than 12th on the list will be subs, given priority by their order on the list. If a player is unable to sub when needed or does not respond within 5 minutes, they will receive a -50 penalty and a strike.​
b. The next player in the MogiBot lineup will always have priority when subbing into an event; if a different player subs in when the next player in the MogiBot lineup is able to play, they will receive -50 MMR and a strike.​
c. A "!c/can" will automatically expire after 30 minutes have passed. A list of players can be found using "!list".​
d. Players are not allowed to type "!c" while already participating in a mogi. Players who violate this rule will receive -50 MMR and a strike.​
e. After 8 races have passed in the current mogi, users not currently playing are allowed to start a new mogi by typing "!esn".​
f. Once lineups are gained, BooBot voting will be used to decide on the format. The first twelve players who originally said can are allowed to vote. Anyone who is not a part of the original 12 in the line-up is not permitted to vote.​
i. Players who drop for any reason after the poll has been started will receive a -100 MMR strike.​
ii. If the event is an FFA, only a host will be needed and the event can start immediately.​
iii. If the event is a 2v2, 3v3, or a 4v4 mogi, teams will be randomized.​
iv. Once teams are randomized, they are final and cannot be changed.​
v. In the event of BooBot being offline and players are forced to manually randomize teams, the list which appears first will be the official teams. Players who force another list will receive -50 MMR and a strike.​

g. If the event is 6v6, the two players with the highest MMR will become captains of each team and will select players in a snake format (1-2-2-2-2-1).​
i. Players who refuse to captain will receive -50 MMR.​
ii. The captain who picks first will always be the one who has the lower MMR. In the rare case where the two captains are tied in MMR, the captain who picks first is chosen randomly using the _choose command.​

h. If there is no host for a mogi 20 minutes after the poll ends, the entire lineup will receive -50 and a strike.​


a. Once a room has been opened, players will have 10 minutes to join the room.​
i. If a player seems to be purposefully delaying the room, they can be subbed out. This would hold the same consequences as dropping from the line-up after poll.​
ii. If a player continues to abuse the 10 minutes on a regular basis, staff have the right to temporarily restrict them from lounge events.​
b. Players that join the room late will receive a -50 MMR strike.​
c. If a player still has not joined the room 5 minutes after the penalty time, they will receive -100 and a strike and must be replaced by a sub as soon as possible. The mogi should not be started with less than 12 players under any condition.
d. Players who sub in a match that has already started:​
i. Must be placed on the table instead of the person they subbed.​
ii. Do not lose MMR on a losing team.​
iii. Only gain MMR on the winning team if they play 4 or more races in said event.​
e. Players who repick a course in an FFA will receive a -10 penalty.​
f. Players who repick a course in team events will receive a -50 MMR penalty.​
i. If a course is repicked more than once (not including random), the player(s) choosing the track will receive a -100 MMR penalty for each time they pick the track in addition to one strike total. This applies to everyone who attempts to repick, even if the track isn't chosen.​
g. Players who have an incorrect tag for more than 2 races will receive a -25 MMR penalty.​
h. Players who leave an event for any reason:​
i. Do not gain MMR on a winning team.​
ii. Receive one strike and a -100 MMR penalty. There are no exceptions to this rule.​
iii. Lose any MMR their team lost in addition to the strike.​
i. Teams missing a player for at least 4 races will lose MMR proportional to the amount of races the player missed; for example, teammates of a player who missed 4 races will receive 8/12 loss, or 6/12 loss if the teammate misses 6 races. The player who missed at least 4 races will have their MMR loss increased proportional to the number of races missed; for example, a player who missed 4 races will receive 16/12 loss. Players who miss 6 races or more will also receive a strike.​
j. If any players happen to be intentionally throwing, teaming, or lap-trolling and there is convincing proof, staff has the right to bestow a -100 MMR penalty and a strike on the individual in question.​
k. Hosts must not start the room with less than 12 players, close the room for no reason, or otherwise cause unnecessary disruptions.​
i. In the case of a room crash, the host must capture a clip or have proof of the communication error to prove it was not intentional. If there is no clip, the host will receive a -10 penalty in FFA and a -50 MMR penalty in team events.​
l. In order for an event to count, 12 full races must be completed. If 12 races are not completed, the event will not count.​


a. If 3 or more players from at least 2 different teams disconnect, the race will not count and the room must be reopened.​
b. If a race does not finish due to lag, the race will not be counted and the room will be reopened.​
c. If no races can be finished for an extended amount of time due to lag, the event can be canceled with no players losing MMR.​
d. If this happens to occur during an event, please attempt to capture video proof of the individual who may be causing the lag in the room. If the proof is convincing, and if the majority of the room agrees on who is causing the lag, staff have the right to punish the individual for a certain amount of time, or warn them to fix their connection before playing again.​


a. Players who receive MMR penalties for quitting matches, lap-trolling, joining the room late, or teaming will also receive a strike. Strikes expire after 30 days. Players have a limit of three strikes.​

b. Players who reach 3 strikes will receive the following punishments:​
i. 1st offense: 7 day mute​
ii. 2nd offense: 14 day mute​
iii. 3rd offense: Permanently banned from lounge​


a. An online war table generator can be found here: https://hlorenzi.github.io/mk8d_ocr/table.html

b. In order for a match to be counted, using a war table with all the correct player names (Server nicknames, not Mii Names) is required. Any penalties that occurred during the match must also be stated by the reporter posting the table.​

c. Room hosts are responsible for taking screenshots of results. If an event fails to have a screenshot or table posted within 24 hours, the host of the room will receive -100 and a strike.​

d. Only certain people will be given access to the results channels in order to prevent spam. If you want to become a reporter, make a support ticket. Keep in mind that not everyone will be granted this permission if they ask.​


That is all that we are expecting each and every one of you to follow. We hope you enjoy your community and lounge experience and follow the rules and guidelines accordingly.​
Thank you.​
- 200cc Lounge Staff
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