Season 4 Data Archive

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With season 4 concluding I have exported all the data from season 4 into a zip file for anyone who wants to analyse it or do their own data visualisations.
You can find the zip file here: Google Drive Link

There are 9 files in here: bonuses.csv, penalties.csv, penalties_deleted.csv, placements.csv, players.csv, tables.csv, tables_deleted.csv, tablescores.csv, and tablescores_deleted.csv

Some notes about the data:
- If a column has no value for a row it will appear as NULL
- For penalties, tables, and tablescores the events that were deleted will not appear and will instead be available in the file names ending in "_deleted"
- It is possible for a player to be placed more than once (e.g. if they were given a placement and it was later decided they should have been placed differently), so if you want to know a player's actual placement MMR, use the most recent entry in placements.csv
- To get the event format from tables and tablescores files, use the NumTeams column. A NumTeams value of 6 means it was a 2v2 since there were 6 teams.
- All timestamps are in UTC
- Bonuses are the opposite of penalties and are when we gave someone extra MMR if we felt it was warranted

Please note as well that season 4 data will always be available through the website as well: