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Season 9 Info + Changes For the Future


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Season 9 is coming up quickly, but we do have some changes to the current 12 team format to go over first.​
What's new:
- ALL rounds of playoffs are now BO3. As a result, this adds an extra week onto the season, making it an 11 week season. Each round of the playoffs is now in it's own week. (ex: QFs would be week 9, SF week 10, Finals week 11.)
- Placement matches are now BO3, which are played on the same week as the Finals in each conference. The reason for this is staff feels that after playing 16+ matches, one match shouldn't be the reason whether you go up or down in a division.

With that out of the way, here are the projected dates for the preseason + season:
Today (December 31st): The Event Page (aka Confirmation Thread) is live now, leaders: sign up your team on the MKCentral event page to register them for MKU Season 9.
January 19th @ 6:59PM EST: Registrations close for Season 9. Past this point no more teams are able to sign up for MKU Season 9.
January 19th: Preliminary seedings are released.
Jan 21st @ 11:59 PM UTC : Transfer deadline for Season 9, make sure your rosters are complete by then.
January 21st-22nd: Seedings for Season 9 are final, reps etc are handed out to teams and division channels are unlocked.
January 26th: Start of Season 9, the season will end on April 5th.

Indroducing: MKU Match of the Week!
- Every Sunday, we'll have a match played at 4PM EST / 22 CET casted on the MKC Twitch channel! Typically, these matches will be from the top two divisions. Teams that say they are able to play their matches at 4PM will have a chance to get their MKU matches broadcasted in front of the whole community! More details will be released as Season 9 gets closer. However, if you're a team that's projected to be placed in one of the top two divisions, please ask your team if they would be able to play some matches at 4PM EST.

Thank you all for reading this post, and we hope you're excited for Season 9! Stay tuned in the middle of the season for some big news regarding the future of MKU. Once again, the link to sign up for MKU Season 9 can be found here:

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