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Time Trial Leaderboard Template

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What is this?
This is a google sheets template to help you easily set up your own time trial leaderboards. You might use this if you want:
  • A time trial leaderboard for your clan
  • A leaderboard for an alternate time trial category (e.g. shroomless, baby strats, flap etc.)
  • Designed for fast data entry to add new submissions
  • Easy to edit or remove old submissions if there are mistakes
  • Automatically calculates the top 10s (no need to manually sort them yourself)
  • Overall leaderboard that ranks players on how they do on all 48 tracks
  • Supports multiple categories (e.g. 150cc and 150cc Shroomless)
  • Uses google sheets, so you can restrict editing access to those who have been approved.
What does it look like?

This template is being used as the leaderboard for the Alternate Time Trials discord (invite).
You can take a look at this leaderboard yourself here.

How do I use it?
Template Links:
Video Instructions:
If you prefer text instructions, see inside this spoiler:
Initial Setup
  1. Open the template link from above
  2. File > Make a Copy
    1. Choose the name you want for the sheet
    2. If "Make a Copy" is greyed out, make sure you are logged in on a google account
  3. Open the categories sheet
    1. Enter all the time trial categories you would like to have.
    2. For the abbreviation, this is a short name for the category that you type when entering submissions.
      1. Keep this short so that data entry is fast
    3. You can delete the 150cc Shroomless category if you don't plan on using it.
    4. Once you have set things up, you can hide the sheet by right clicking on the Sheet name and selecting "Hide Sheet"
      1. You can always open hidden sheets again by clicking the 4 horizontal lines on the bottom left
  4. Open the 150cc sheet
    1. Duplicate the 150cc sheet by right clicking on the sheet name and selecting "Duplicate"
      1. You will want to create the same number of duplicates as you have categories
      2. If you only have one category, there is no need to duplicate the sheet
    2. You should now have one sheet for each category
      1. For each sheet, change the sheet name so it is the same as the category name
      2. Also edit the title of the sheet (The cell in the middle of row 2) to be the same as the category name
        1. If you are editing the right cell, it will give you auto-completion of the available categories.
    3. After doing this, each sheet will now be configured correctly
Adding Players
  1. Open the players sheet
  2. Add a new row to the bottom of the table and enter the player's name and country
    1. If the country is not listed, you will need to add the country in the "Countries" sheet
  3. Sort the players table by name from "A -> Z" using the column filter.
Adding Submissions
  1. Open the submissions sheet
  2. Add a new row and fill out the columns
    1. First column is the track acronym e.g. MKS, rDP3, dHC
    2. Second column is the category shorthand you set up at the beginning
    3. Third column is the player's name
    4. Fourth column is the time e.g. 1:23.456, 12.345, 1.234
    5. Fifth column is a link to the proof. This could be whatever you like e.g. a tweet, photo, video
  3. The leaderboard sheet should automatically update with the time you entered
  4. Notes:
    1. If someone improves their time, just add a new row rather than editing the previous submission
    2. If there is a mistake in a previous submission though, you can edit it just fine.
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When I would try to do a submission and finish that submission. The person's flag would be different than what I put that person's flag as. Is there a reason for this?


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That could be because you did not sort the list of players, you need to make sure you sort the players from A -> Z each time you add a new one.
You can do this using the filter button on the Name cell at the top.


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Wow, this is really cool actually. I gave up on updating a HD leaderboard years ago because of the amount of effort it took to maintain, but this may make it worth trying again.


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It seems the website I was using to get flag icons has been taken down, I've updated the template to use a new website. If you have an existing leaderboard and you want to update it to use the new site, follow these steps:

1. Open the Countries sheet (it might be hidden)

2. Select all the cells in the flags column except the first row (all the way to row 999) and delete it.
An easy way to do this is click on the cell in C2, then press ctrl+shift+down twice and hit delete.

3. In cell C2, paste the following:

4. After this, you can right click on the countries sheet and hide it again.

Then this should make it use the new flags website, if you can't get this to work send me a PM on discord and I can fix it up for you.