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Time trials.


Founding Member
Guys and Girls tell me your best time trial in your opinion on any map and state your actual time.

Mine is SNES rainbow road not the fastest but my fav.



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on this game, my best PR is probably 1'48"841 on Ribbon Road

overall in the series, I think the time that was cleanest for me overall was my 1'19"917 on Toad Circuit in MK7. That was set a really long time ago though


Midnight Eclipse
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1:21.9 rRRd or 1:48.2 dCL from the first week of the game, I should grind it out a bit more though, I loved the track a ton on the Wii U and was my strongest time on that game also. I haven't TTd much since back then but I did get 2:03 on CC recently and i'm pushing for a mid 2:02


Do what you can't
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1:43.087 dSBS
Was 5th Worldwide + American Record when I set it, now babies have taken over and I'm too stubborn to TT the track with new strats


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The trifecta

1:02.578 dBP (150cc) (WR)
1:41.969 dSBS (150cc) (2nd ww)
1:15.128 rDP3 (150cc) (3rd ww)


8va ~ Going the octave higher
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1:23.030 on SSC 200cc is my strongest time in the game. Was Canadian Record and 9th worldwide at the time I set it.



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even though I have improved since then I think this is still my proudest TT. I worked so hard for this and saw great improvement, my first ever 150cc worldwide top 10


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Aside from my dRR and dBP 200 WRs, this is the time I'm most proud of. 10th WW when it was set, on a track that inward has a slight disadvantage on.

damn babies ruining our TTs


Founding Member

My only top 10 that I've had, so I'm pretty proud of this one. This is also still my current pr here since I suck and can't improve it :(
rDP3: 1:15.041 (WR) This can be pushed to a 1:13 if I add in another NISC at the last turn and get a clean run with it.
dWGM: 2:03.764 with Mach 8 Slicks. Can get a .3 or .2 if I learn the anti-gravity ramp trick and use WR combo.
dBB: 1:24.750 but this really isn't good

dWGM: 1:26.229 (WR)
rYV: 1:25.154 (2nd ww)
rCCB: 1:16.728 (2nd ww)
rDP3: 57.723 (WR) Can 56 with a really good run.


Founding Member
My best remains dNBC 1:45 867 (09/07/18) or I was 7th EU and 6th FR but now I'm 9th FR only.
Otherwise I'm still 9th FR on CC 2:03.000 (08/05/18)
and I had an old top FR on BC MW rCCB dRR DS
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