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ToadV2 - A Discord Bot for MK8

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Originally created in 2016, Toad was a Discord bot for general MK8 commands, like getting the +/- for a 6v6 race or displaying pictures of tracks. Since then it has evolved to be an all-purpose competitive MK bot.

- Scorekeeping for both MKW and MK8 wars from 3v3 up to 6v6
- Checking race scores by just inputting positions
- Keeping track of tracks played in wars
- Selecting a random track to pick
- Many other useful features!

How to use Toad

To start off, you have to set the game your server will get scores for. Since you're on an MK8 forum, I'll assume you want to get MK8 scores. Type _setgame mk8 to select MK8.


Next, start the war by typing _startwar <size> <team1> <team2>. Replace <size> with the war size, and team1/team2 with the team tags. As an example, I'll use xı and JBZZ.


Now, for each race, simple type _race and then add the numbers of the spots you got. For example, a top 6 would be _race 1 2 3 4 5 6. Toad will do the rest of the work for you.


Three messages should appear, similar to in the image above. The top message shows the race score, the second message shows the total score, and the third message shows the scores for each race.

Those are the basics of using the bot. Here are some other useful commands:

_penalty <team> <amount>: Give a specified team a penalty.


_score: Display the current score. (Shown above)

_checkrace: Allows you to check a race score without applying it to the current war.


_revertscore <race>: Revert the score back to a specified race number.


_setscore <scoreA> <scoreB> <race#>: Manually change the score for the war. This will disable showing race scores for the war, as they'll probably be inaccurate after the overall score is changed.


_showracescores <ON/OFF>: Enable / Disable showing of every race score, as it can take up a lot of space on the screen as more races are played.

Like with the war commands, you'll need to select the game to get tracks from. To do this, type _settracks mk8.


In case you aren't familiar with the common MK8 track abbreviations, you can type _tracklist, and it will display a list of all 48 tracks and their abbreviations. We will use these abbreviations for every other command.

Type _addtrack <track abbreviation> to add a track to the list.


You can add up to 12 tracks, and then you'll have to reset the list using _resettracks.


To access the list of tracks that have been played, just type _tracksplayed.


Finally, you can pick a random track to play using _randomtrack.

Toad is also a music bot; just type _play <url> to play music. Here is a list of all the music commands:


A fun currency system built into the bot. Type _payday to get 120 "credits"; the cooldown on this command is 5 minutes.


With these credits, you can play the slots. Type _slot <bet> to bet a specified amount of credits. You can bet up to 20 million credits. You'll usually either lose, or get a x2 or x3 return on your bet. On extremely rare chances, you'll hit the jackpot and get a x2500 return on your bet.


Stream Alerts

Type _streamalert twitch <username> and the bot will send a message whenever that user comes online. Must have admin powers in your server for this to work.

Custom Commands

You can set custom commands for your server. To do this, type _cc add simple <commandname> <text>.


You can also add random custom commands, which will randomly select a response; to create one, type _cc add random <commandname>
You will then be taken to an interactive command maker, where you can type as many responses as you like. Once you're done, type exit()

Toad is an instance of Red, an open-source Discord bot. For more info, go here.