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What to Expect from the Tournament Section

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Hey guys, we're changing up how the tournament section works, at least to start things off. A common theme with all of our plans on this site is that we're looking to keep things simple and to the point, yet by no means lacking in content. We want every section / feature / thread to have a use in short, and after the last few years something we've noticed is attendance in user-made tournaments being a bit low. We want MKCentral to be a site where if you see a tournament posted, you know it's going to happen. As a result, our staff and event organizers will be the only ones posting new tournaments here. Most of these events will be covering the types of events that are still popular, but not covered by our main, long lasting events. This includes events like the following:

- 2v2 / 3v3 FFA tournaments
- 200cc / Battle FFAs, perhaps the occasional Bikes Only / Modified Item Setting
- Team Bracket Tournaments for Registered Teams
- Tournaments for Other Games (MK7, Smash Ultimate, etc.) <- Expect These to be Rare Occurrences, however

But we won't limit tournaments to just these types. If you have a unique idea that you think would be a fun event for many, feel free to pitch us the idea in the Community Discord Server in the appropriate channel. We still want to see user ideas for tournaments. If we believe that an idea can be a successful event, we'd like to let our tournament organizers make sure it'll be a successful event, pretty much.

If you have a local Mario Kart event that you would like to promote as well, feel free to let us know also. Though they are currently rare, we would like to help support these events and maybe spread knowledge about where to find them.
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