Name Change Policy

Maybe you don’t like the name you originally chose when signing up, or want to change things up. While we allow name changes in certain cases, we don’t allow them in every case, in part to reduce the workload of our staff, since it’s not possible to change your name yourself. This page outlines our name change policy—in what cases you can and cannot make a change to your name.

First of all, it’s worth pointing out that Site Supporters have more freedom in changing their names. This is one of the perks of purchasing the upgrade, and helps support our site. If you’re interested in becoming a site supporter, you can do so here.

For Supporters

Supporters are allowed to change both their forum and registry names once every 8 weeks. The two names can be changed independently of each other: forum names are displayed on the forums, and registry names are the names used for tournaments (keep in mind that your in-game name when playing in tournaments must match or resemble your registry name).

For All Other Users

Non-Site Supporters are only able to change their registry name once every 6 months, and are normally unable to change their forum name. Exceptions to changing forum names can be made when the name change is minor and cosmetic, for example removing a team/clan tag or changing uppercase or lowercase letters. We restrict name changes for most users because it keeps the workload lower for our staff. If you want more freedom to change your name, you can consider purchasing the Site Supporter upgrade.

How to Change Your Name

If you’d like a name change, you can request it by editing your registry profile, or, if you’re a Site Supporter, your forum account details. A moderator will review your request promptly, after which your new name will take effect.

Keep in mind that offensive or otherwise inappropriate names are not allowed. Staff deserve the right to rule any name inappropriate for use on MKCentral. Also note that two people can’t have the same forum name (this restriction doesn’t apply to registry names).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask a site moderator for help. We hope you enjoy your time on MKCentral!

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