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Welcome to Mario Kart Central (MKC), the home of the Mario Kart community. We host global online tournaments and leagues, such as Mario Kart Universal, Agility and Amplify. You’ll also find lots of discussion opportunities to engage with the community. Enjoy your stay, and check out the resources below for more info!


MKCentral Discord Server

If you’re new here, make sure to join our Discord Server. It’s the hub for getting involved in the community, tournaments, and events.

New Player Guide

If you’re new to the Mario Kart community, be sure to check out this guide! You’ll find the most important beginner’s tips here.

MKCentral Registry

Our registry contains a listing of players and teams registered for MKCentral competitions, and serves as the official site to sign up for teams and site events.

Tournament Listing

Once you’ve signed up on the Registry, you can use the tournament listing to check up on upcoming events and register for them. Depending on the event format, you might register as a team, by yourself, or as a squad (a group of players). Keep checking back here to see what the next upcoming tournaments are. You can also take a look at ongoing and previous competitions on this page.


MKLeaderboards is the home of the MK8DX time trials community. It hosts many leaderboards and rankings for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe as well as other Mario Kart games. You may also want to check out the Mario Kart 8 Players’ Page for alternative rankings, as well as MK World Records for history and videos of the time trial world records.

Staff Listing and Contacts

Still stuck? Our staff are friendly and willing to help you out if you need something. This page contains a listing of MKCentral staff.

Mario Kart Central is the home of Mario Kart Tournaments, where you'll find tournaments for all players—whether you're looking for a casual or competitive competition, we've got you covered! We hold events for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Tour, and more, with a variety of matches happening weekly!

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