I'm a fairly casual gamer (though when playing i get pretty competitive lol - anyway, i play some switch sports here and there and some random Bioshock/AC games but ive spent no more than 40hrs on any of those games but have about 200hrs on MK but i spent a lot of time playing offline 48race tourneys (hard AI, easy to win so id just try and beat my personal bests) cuz my internet at my old place was spotty but now that its solid i wanna start racing more - i think my xr is like 3500 at this point...i only race in 150cc and prefer racing better people on 150 than equal people on 200cc cuz i just dont like breaking and the tracks were obv not made with 200cc in mind but id love if they added intentinoal 200cc courses to the next MK game...

My Mario Kart history's a weird one, had Kart 64 as a kid (im 34) and obv played it as a kid then as an innebriated nostalgic college student ten years later lol, i also got Super Circuit on GBA and DD on GC as a kid but Double Dash was the last MK game i owned till getting a switch and 8DX like 2yrs ago - so everythingggg was new (gliding/underwater/UMT's/tricks/antigrav/types of items etc) which made it real fun but then the DLC has been amazing value imo as i dont play tour either so all the tracks feel new since the old ones i used to play get the biggest glow ups/changes etc

Anyway, i joined cuz i wanna find a team i can play on (im in the AUS/NZ timezone but work weird hours/days so can find good times that work with anyone - fwiw im a US/UK/NZ citizen in AUS lol) and also wanna be able to jump on and play with some of my fav MK YT'ers like Troy/JPG/Shortcat/Swiftjar etc - also i never used discord in my life so apologies for the numerous questions ill no doubt ask lol

I have a ton of stuff to still add but set up a Mario Kart tiktok but couldnt list it above for some reason: www.tiktok.com/@MarioKartClipsOnly
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