CWL Season 7 Final Seedings

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CWL Staff present the final seedings for season 7! Division threads, including standings and match schedules, will be posted later today/tomorrow. If you are a team leader/representative and you are not in the MKTC server, please join it here. Good luck to all teams this season!

Division 1: Super Horn
Division Administrator(s): Astre & Romain

Conference A:

Square Table's Knights
Elegance FR
Dynamite Ruby
Rompe Combos Premier

Conference B:
Dynamite Sapphire
Team Racing Warlord

Division 2: Mushroom
Division Administrator(s): iThank

Conference A:

Thunder Racing Team Mario
ProNexus Funky
Dynamite Emerald
Brazilian Racers Zone

Conference B:
Speed Masters Supreme
Team Racing Ravager
Murder Wind Hurriacne

Division 3: Banana
Division Administrator(s): Diana/Ginja

Conference A:

Team Racing Berserkers
VIP Team 2.0
Family Friendly Golden

Conference B:
ProNexus EoS
Diamond Rebels United
Terra Force Racers Alpha
M3FR Boo

Division 4: Green Shell
Division Administrator(s): Pitta

Conference A:

Rompe Combos Luxury
MKD Global
Testigos de Yoshi
Gilded Racers

Conference B:
Elite Racers Planet
Dynamite Darkness
Thunder Ghosts Leviathan

Division 5: Red Shell
Division Administrator(s): Nergal

Conference A:

Stars Demons
Thunder Racing Team Peach
Asphalt Champions Aston Martin

Conference B:
Murder Wind Storm
Fearless Racerz
Crazy Drivers
Terra Force Racers Slayer

Division 6: Bob-omb
Division Administrator(s): Mish

Conference A:

Royal Racers Flora
Illuminatis Racing
Making Lluaja
Nuevo Clan Lobeznoz

Conference B:
Kart Legends
iFR Sun
Red Bill
Murder Wind Thunder

Division 7: Blooper
Division Administrator(s): Jence

Conference A:

Funny Runers
Zero Gravity
Galaxy Racing Power
Family Friendly Fantasy

Conference B:
Reborn Legion Ruthless
Furia Nocturna
iFR Ice
Kart Legends Fuerza X
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