[MKU-DX] Season 16 Preliminary Seedings

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As most of you are aware by now, these seedings are not final and are subject to change based on the info we receive over the next couple of days. While we may have fewer teams than we did in previous seasons, we hope everyone is excited for a new season returning to a conference format. Like last season, we will be listing Division Admins with the preliminary seedings this season, but these are subject to change like teams placements.

As always, this thread should only be used for discussing your own team's placement. If you feel your team has been displaced, either because you were put in a division too high or a division too low, you should address it here. All requests should be detailed, including thorough explanations with convincing proof, which can range from war results without allies (preferably recent tables), placements in recent tournaments, and anything else you deem to be relevant.

All teams will have until Tuesday, November 23rd at 23:59 UTC to present their case. If you are not here to argue for your team or make a post that holds no pertinence to the situation, you will be thread banned.

Division 1 | Division Admin: @jacob_us

Conference A
Midnight Wasps

Conference B
Arcadia Sky
Dominik Zlotkowski
High Definition
World Friend

Division 2 | Division Admin: @daisukeNL

Conference A
Kira Team 2
The Stick

Conference B
Banana Legion
Nferno Blaze
Stars Legacy
Yoshi Family Galaxy

Division 3 | Division Admin: @jerry

Conference A
Arcanum Aeterna
The Real Panas

Conference B
Arcadia Terra
Jean-Pierre Papin
Sweatyzard X
Version 2

Division 4 | Division Admin: @Geddy

Conference A
Alliance Rainbow
Dynamite Alpha
Kartnita Asada
Ronrons Ronflex

Conference B
A Brimming Pot of Lobsters
Battle Brigade
Royal Flush

Division 5 | Division Admin: @Batboo

Conference A
Mushroom Team
Origin Osiris
Princess Monarchy
Team APE

Conference B
AfterDark Eclipse
American Gunslingers
Project HIVE Sapientia
Wii Elite Clan Gold

Division 6 | Division Admin: @Brandon

Conference A
Nferno Light
Speed Stars
Yoshi Family Odyssey

Conference B
Dynamite Omega

Division 7 | Division Admin: @LooPer

Conference A
Đragon Žone
Forgotten Legends Supernova
Jean-Paul Pelras
Zver Imperial

Conference B
Greed Island Acapulco
Kartnita Cruda
Kartvengers Team
Lethal Vengeance

Division 8 | Division Admin: @Blue Orange

Conference A
Demon's Souls Team
Les Lions de l'Atlas
Poggin in CUZ
Sweatyzard Y

Conference B
Equipo Fenix Oro
Heroes of tier F
Kira Team 3
Noob Reborn

Division 9 | Division Admin: @Zorrø

Conference A
Dark Phantom Knights
Parceros Team
Pirate Hackers
Ronrons Goinfrex

Conference B
X-Force Dark
Zodiac Warriors

Division 10 | Division Admin: @Radi

Conference A
Alliance Rainbow 2
Noite Sinistra
Rainbow Fun
Trivial Matters

Conference B
Inka Warriors Hanan
Knights of Wheels
Silver Fang

Division 11 | Division Admin: @Myles

Conference A
Arcanum Polaris
Chaos Racer

Conference B
Kinetic Pii
Omelette du Fromage
Turbo Shells

Division 12 | Division Admin: @Boshi

Conference A
AfterDark Equinox
Dragon Bill Z
Wings of Eldia
Wii Elite Clan Silver

Conference B
Bestias Veloces
Olympus Valkyries
Power Kart Clan
Projekt HIVE Academia

Abteilung 13 | Abteilungsadministrator: @Cynthia.

Konferenz A
Flammender Phönix
Rennen im Weltraum
königliche Akademie

Konferenz B
Wiederaufleben der vergessenen Legenden
Offensichtliche Brillanz
Letzter Ausweg

Abteilung 14 | Abteilungsadministrator: @Yasn

Konferenz A
Amerikanische Revolverhelden 2
Inka-Krieger Hurin
Les Cracks du Turfu

Konferenz B
La Hoop
Zver Primordial

Abteilung 15 | Abteilungsadministrator: @Ulvind

Konferenz A
Keine Angst
Rapides et Furieux
Wiederbelebung Elite

Konferenz B
Equipo Fenix Plata

Abteilung 16 | Abteilungsadministrator: @Elisa

Konferenz A
Gier Inselparadies
Llajua . herstellen
Misenxi Pendragon

Konferenz B

Abteilung 17 | Abteilungsadministrator: @Jack

Konferenz A
Team Junk
Team No Mola

Konferenz B
Lo brennt den Baam
Team Luxemburg

Abteilung 18 | Abteilungsadministrator: @Draco

Konferenz A
Frères de Poulpe
Mährische Cyberhunde
Regierende Rennfahrer

Konferenz B
Elixier International
PACKS Team Racing
Stiller Blitz
Hey Leute

ich möchte mich für das seeding bedanken div 13 ist genau unsrer lvl und haben vor das zu rocken und wünsche alle teams viel Glück und Spaß und lasst euch nicht ärgern 😘


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I'm leader of Last Resort, currently D13.

We expect to be moved in D12, we think we have the level to play in this division.

Here is some table against teams in D12, to prove it :


Recent table with our MKU line-up :
Nexus and Christian are 2 of top player from HVE1 (D5)

Steve is WEC Gold (D5)


Thank you for reading !
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First of all, Hello everyone.
I'm the leader of Pitsy Army and we agree with our seeding in D18.
Thanks for everything and let's have fun this MKU Season 16.


Hello everyone, we are here to build a case for After Dark Equinox. Over the seasons we have felt like we are overlooked and not given the chances we deserve. We are always seeded below other clans that we either have a great competition with or completely blowout. We feel like it is very unfair and someone has to at least look into this and give us a chance. Here are some tables that we believe help prove our point:

For starters, we understand KT3 beat us in the finals. But for them to be placed in division 8 and we are placed 4 divisions lower than them for beating us one time after we had beaten them the first time and also had a +50 lead on them the second war is kind of nuts. They only beat us by +8 ONE TIME yet they are 4 divisions higher than us? We have handled KT3 in multiple situations. In the 3rd table, we beat itollani with a full Equinox line up, yet they are div 9 and we are div 12…. We should be seeded around D8/9 if they are placed in there as well.
Secondly, We have beat kw multiple multiple multiple times whether it was during MKU or a regular scrim. We don’t think we’ve lost to kw to be honest with you. Posted above are the tables for that as well. Next, we have beat AR MIXED with a FULL Equinox line up. Yet we are d12 and they are d10 and higher. Lastly, we beat HVE multiple times during the last MKU season. We are the reason they were eliminated from MKU. Why are we still in the same division as them? AD Equinox has been through a lot and has proved themselves to be worthy of a higher division on multiple different occasions. Please review our case, we believe we should at least be D8-10..
Thanks for reading


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Hello there !

We would like to have our seed reconsidered.
I know you had a lack of tables to judge our level so here is a war we just played. I think it was a good NFO Light lu just Boshi was missing. Unfortunately Gustavo fell asleep and and he only become awake mid war so Teqzo subbed him in the first half.
But I put the Toad Bot scores and you can see we played as well with Gustavo if not better. You can check my latest stream rediff if you want to be sure about these scores.

So given the current situation I think we should be placed in D6. I see no table justifying a lower placement. In the previous MKU season we put strong fights against SX and BL using Teqzo and Mystery/Dedf1sh so I think there is no way only 2 players in these lu being gone could justify so much lower.
Feel free to dm me (Devoty#1135) I would be glad to give any additional information about this case.

Thank you in advance for taking this into account.


1 | 48 - 34 (+14) Teqzo plays from the beginning to Race 7
2 | 54 - 28 (+26)
3 | 49 - 33 (+16)
4 | 45 - 37 (+8)
5 | 44 - 38 (+6)
6 | 29 - 53 (-24)
7 | 43 - 39 (+4)
8 | 34 - 48 (-14) Bot plays Race 8
9 | 45 - 37 (+8) Gustavo plays from Race 9 to the end
10 | 58 - 24 (+34)
11 | 57 - 25 (+32)
12 | 30 - 52 (-22)


Hello everybody, im one of the leaders of Turbo shells. Im writing since our team has been underseeded, probably due to the lack or unavailability of data. We have been pre-seeded as d11, but our current level would suit well for d9 (or at least d10). Im posting a list of tables, which can be extended if necessary, to show the motivation under our request. After, i will provide a further explanation, for some of them.

-1- vs NFO, d6


-2- vs KT3, d8


-3- vs HTF d8


-4- vs SZ mix, 5 from 2nd team, d8. One from the main (Caro)

-5- vs Sz Y

-6- vs DZ, d7

Regarding the tables 4 and 5, we havent faced SZ many times, but all the wars have been quite close and challenging. Regarding the table vs DZ we used one ally (Lucy) who is not a competitive player and was not even in the call. The overall results is quite decent anyway. In addition we have other similar tables if needed, against higher div teams (d7/8 or higher).
We would like also to underline that in the previous season, we won the d6 consolation bracket with no losses. In the same division there were Trivial Matters, Rainbow Fun and Inka Warriors, all seeded d10. We faced Trivial matters twice and won both, without our strongest player, ☻⛩GえCKお⛩☻␘␚ #1180, who wasnt available for net issues, while now he is, luckily for us, active and available. We have also reinforced our roster with Pero#3279 which is a main lu player for us.
Ps: I hope that everything is clear and i want to point that everything has been written with respect for all the involved teams.
We remain at disposal for additional data or everything needed and are confident that a proper seeding could be done in the interest of all.
Thank u in advance
Hello! We would like to add these 2 tables from tonight wars.




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Hello I'm here to represent trp and we think our seeding is a bit low compared to other teams in D2. With all due respect obviously.




We are used to play with stronger teams because we do not enjoy warring with less than that, there are reasons out of our control during some tournaments that lead us to be not considered as a d2 team. Our roster has changed although we can compete with higher teams (d1 and high d2)


These past tables are a reference of what we are talking about, some good players who compete in d2 and have been in d1 could lose to us.



To end our thread we got some tables vs some d2 teams in order to give strenght to our opinion and reinforce the idea we are a d2 team, thank you for your attention.


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Hi everyone, we have made some changes:

The Real Panas D3 → D2
The Stick D2 → D3

Alliance Rainbow D4 → D3
FreeDom D3 → D4

Cataclysms D6 → D5
Origin Osiris D5 → D6

Zver D7 → D6
Speed Stars D6 → D7

Les Lions de l'Atlas D8 → D7
Kartvengers Team D7 → D8

Turbo Shells D11 → D10
Trivial Matters D10 → D11

ColorSquad D14 → D15

Frères de Poulpe D18 → D17
Elixir Laboratory D17 → D18

If you have made a request and you don't see it above it is likely we have denied it. Keep in mind that with these adjustments, a few changes have been made to some of the conferences. Thanks to those who have respected the rules of this thread thus far. Should there be any questions, don't be afraid to reach out to one of us.
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