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MKU Fantasy Season 9


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Just as a note this is going to be a very scuffed post so bare with me, most (if not all) numbers are pending to change depending on numbers for both MKU and for this.

With the next season of MKU coming over the horizon in a few weeks, I decided I wanted to go through this torture again because it is fun. The general premise of the MKU fantasy league is you take part and draft players for your own team and then take on other player's teams. Each week you will pick your lineup and accumulate points from your player's performance in their respective MKU match(es).

How this works:
  1. Drafting
  2. Selecting Your Team
  3. Transferring Players
  4. Free Agents
  5. Rankings

1. Drafting
This phase happens before the season starts, the planned date for this will be Friday, 24th January at 4pm EST, this is the most important part because if you do not turn up to this you will have no team and you may get replaced by someone else in the waiting list​
So how this will work, players will be sorted into a random order to pick their players and will work in a snake order. For example (for 8 teams):​
1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-1-2-3 ...etc​
You will get 90 seconds to pick a player or your turn will be skipped for that round and you won't get a player until later.​
Depending on numbers of team signing up for the actual tournament and how many people are interested in taking part in the fantasy, the numbers for each division in your roster will change until signups are closed. But how the general basis works is that you must pick 4 players from each division (excluding Division 6, which will have a requirement of 2) and then an extra 4 players from any division of your choice.​
The draft will go on until everyone has players for their team at which point, it will be the end and time for you to select your team for the week.​
2. Selecting Your Team
So each week you will pick a line up, these lineups will have to include 3 players from each division (excluding divisions with only one conference, which will have a requirement of 1) and an extra 3 from any division, and then the rest will be on your bench.​
You will have to pick your lineup carefully because if your teams doesn't have many players playing to meet the threshold, you will be getting punished in the rankings compared to other teams.​
Deadline for team submissions will be 1pm EST every Sunday.​
3. Transferring Players
Before every Sunday match, you can choose to transfer players with other teams, if both teams agree to the transfer then all you have to do is message me before, with proof, the same deadline as above. If you submitted your team and then made a transfer, you will have to make a new submission for your team.​
4. Free Agents
After the draft has been made, there will be a list of all remaining players that were not picked up by teams, these players will be available for you to pick up if you drop someone else whilst keeping the team criteria from the draft. For example if I wanted someone from Division 4, I would have to either lose a player from Division 4 or from the extras slot. Another scenario is if wanted a D4 player and you have a D1 player in your extras, you could choose to drop someone from your D1 slots, so the D1 player in your extras will move into your D1 slot that you just dropped.​
All these changes will be applied on Saturday with the deadline being Friday 23:59pm EST. Any requests after that will be accepted however won't come through until the week after.​
If two people want to add the same player to their squads, the team that was lower in the pick order will get the player, and the other player gets Saturday to add some one else instead that hasn't been picked without having to wait until the week after.​
The pick order will be the reverse of the draft order so: 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1​
If a team gets a player someone else wanted, the team that gets it will be moved to the bottom of the pick order. For example: If the 3rd and 6th team wanted a player. The team that is higher up the pick order, which is the 6th team, will get the player and also move to the bottom of the pick order, and then the 3rd team has Saturday to make any changes he wants. Then the pick order will be changed to reflect this change to: 8-7-5-4-3-2-1-6​

5. Rankings
How teams are ranked will depend on how your team perform in their MKU matches.​
There are three rankings, one for Total Points, another for Average and then also the Power Rankings.​
Total points is the simple one, it is the number of points your player scored in their wars.​
Average is more complicated. It will be the (total points/number of wars) at the most base level. However to make it more interesting, your team (not the bench) has to reach a threshold of 24 wars played otherwise the number of wars will be set to 24 and not whatever you have. So if your team has played 21 wars overall that week, it will be (number of points your players got/24), if you have like 26 then you will be dividing by 26 instead of 24.​
Each week will have it's own rankings for Total Points and Average. However the Power Rankings are a combination of both and will be based off your position in each table. So say you are 1st in Points but 3rd in Average, you will have 4 points.​
This will only happen for the league section of the MKU Season, this does not include playoffs.
The thread will definately be changing over the period until the Draft and if something major happens in the league (such as drop outs), the numbers will also be changed to reflect that.

I want people who are committed to doing this to please sign up for it, there is no point in just being there for the draft and then never submit a team, that just ruins the fun of it.

If you got any questions and/or wish to participate then please join the server here: https://discord.gg/ukWac6P
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