Season 8 Confirmations

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Register: Clan War League Season 8

We're back with CWL Season 8! Registrations are now open until January 29th, 2022 and can be done through MKCentral's Tournaments page.

CWL will be running the same format as the previous season. Teams will be grouped into divisions of eight (8) and further grouped into two (2) conferences of four (4) teams each, which will last seven (7) weeks in total. Please note that this means teams will be playing two matches per week. Be on the lookout for an update to our ruleset in the coming days.

Team Managers on the MKCentral registry will be team representatives for this season.

CWL Season 8 will begin on Feburary 6th, 2022 and will be completed on March 20th, 2022.

Register: Clan War League Season 8
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