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Hello everyone,

To lead off, we’d like to shout out to the entire community for the site’s expansive growth through the entirety of the year so far. With record-breaking participation and overwhelming support, we’re able to continue providing our best to you all. We’re excited to announce our latest site features—most notably, MKCentral’s new News site. Separate from the registry and forums*, this will be the new home of plenty of content, as we grow it in the coming weeks, months, and years.

For starters, we’ll use it for site announcements like this one, showcasing new features, tournaments, and other updates. We also plan on taking on a new team of writers as part of our larger and ever-growing Media Staff crew, to write summaries, recaps, and other coverage of Mario Kart tournaments. We also may occasionally publish special feature articles highlighting interesting topics or new general Mario Kart news, perhaps from a more casual standpoint.

If you’re interested in writing for us, we’d love to hear from you! Our Media Staff applications are always open on our forums; with your application, you can showcase your pen-and-paper talent by including or linking some of your work. While we accept applications from anyone, we will be selective with our recruits, as we want to ensure top quality from our authors. That being said, if you think you have what it takes, drop us a note!

The one-and-only Speck has already kindly volunteered his time to write our first article, which you should definitely take a look at if you’ve got a few minutes of free time. It showcases another big announcement—our latest edition of MKCentral’s Team Power Rankings. We’re doing it a bit differently this time, and have some special goodies in store at the end of Speck’s awesome read, too. Check it out now!

If you’ve taken a peek at our homepage today, you’ll notice front-and-center are our latest news articles! This integration will let you know at a glance if there’s anything new to flick through.

Again, thank you all for your dedication and support for our first two full years! We hope you love the progress we’re happy to share, and keep an eye out for new reads in the coming weeks!

*Note: As a side effect of the news site being separate from the registry and forums, ads will appear to all users on news pages, even supporters. We ask for your understanding and thank site supporters for their generous contributions.



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