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MKC Invades Las Vegas: SNS 100 LAN Preview Guide

Since August of 2018, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tournaments have been at the epicenter of Mario Kart Central online. The scene has grown dramatically since its inception, with thousands of members flocking to MKC to get a piece of the action in FFA, mogi, and team style events. Hundreds of more teams are onboarded each year with MK8DX and MKTour, the mobile counterpart.

All over the world IRL MK communities and LAN tournaments have thrived, most notably in France, the United Kingdom (Embrace the Change), and in the Netherlands at Esports Game Arena. The United States started to gain traction with IRL Mario Kart 8 Deluxe events through major expos such as PAX East in Boston, Genesis in Oakland, and other local tournaments in various cities across the country. The most well known and most frequent event in the US is called Saturday Night Speedway run by Allied Esports.

Saturday Night Speedway, the west coast based MK8DX LAN event is housed in Sin City- Las Vegas, Nevada. Players from 4 to 74 gather on the weekend to put their pedal to the metal in a four round FFA tournament format. A combination of flashy production, noise, lights, and some shining moments of Tier E-esque gameplay are what you’ll normally find on a given Saturday night. Not to mention, there is a rowdy bar that is stationed by the best bartender in the business, Frankie (and Noel) who are ready to fuel adult players with liquid courage needed to survive the chaos of the initial few rounds. The “SNS” community quickly integrated into MKC and the tournament now features players from over a half a dozen clans on a weekly basis.

There is no real way to describe “SNS” as over 99+ instances the tournament has seen drag queens, pro NFL players (there are too many to name… but Austin Ekeler showed up this first week of May!), Esports pros (FaZe clan founder Clipz), MK8 world record holders (SuperFX), and streamers such as Mankalor and ToKy test their might in an effort to win part of the $700 prize pool. For SNS 100, the plan is to up the ante to a $1,000 prize pool. 

This article plans to highlight some of the players inside and out of the MKC community that will likely be in action and key contenders for the elite tournament on May 15th. With a cap due to COVID and time constraints of only 72 players, not all players listed below may enter.  The stats presented below are courtesy of Megajkeezy (Jason Kilgore) highlighting the 11 tournaments of this current season. The player ranking listed is based on cumulative points eclipsed from the 11 events this season. Some skilled players might be ranked low simply because they have not shown up as frequently as local competitors, so do not take their ranking at face value. We will break down the entrants and some potential surprises for the tournament in this article. Feel free to read this article out of order, as it is not written for continuity. This article is merely a preview of the players and the deep MKC presence that will make up this tournament, and not an article devoted on LAN history, which may come at a later date. You may notice several teams will have players entered gearing up for SNS 100 which is crazy to comprehend given we are still in the middle of the pandemic. SNS 100 plans to go full throttle, as Las Vegas is nearing a full opening and in optimistic hopes to leave COVID-19 in the rear view mirror.

You can catch the action LIVE on Allied Esports twitch on May 15th!

Ikon and Ranked Entrants

Ikon (Symphony)

Ikon cashed his golden ticket on a paid trip to SNS 100 by defeating Cone/Tulip (Star Clan) in a wild and unconventional last second pass in 200cc street rules Baby Park. Many believe that the clip of Ikon’s impressive win could have beat out other baby park clips seen on ESPN. Ikon not only had to deal with Cone in a tiebreaker, but also had to outlast Sand (Symphony / iF) and Adam (Noir) in a 4 way race in the finals at SNS on Tour stop in Texas. It was a tight battle all the way through and the strength of competition that Ikon defeated should not be taken lightly.

While Ikon has not dealt with the external factors surrounding the arena (lights, noise, etc.) he has gotten a taste of what to expect by playing in Texas on a trailer that some other traveling players may not have yet to experience (ie: glare from the sun, crowds, etc.). These nuances are something that only few players have been able to crack on their first try. Ikon’s win over a full field of 11 other racers, with 3 of them being MKC opponents in Texas is no easy feat. All eyes will be on Ikon heading into SNS 100 as a favorite to win.

The epic tiebreaker between Ikon and Cone/Tulip. Note: Scrub back to watch the full finals battle featuring Sand and Adam!

Sneakz (Pirate Hackers)
Rank: #1
Season Starts: 11/11
Notes: 15 time SNS champion. 3 wins this season. 2.83 Average finish. 

Sneakz is a free for all specialist for Pirate Hunters in select events. He is an urban legend in the MKC community given how infrequently he plays in team events, and because he clocks in at a whopping 12 years old. He gets permission from his dad, 8oh5, to play in events and seizes the opportunity to take advantage of your mistakes. Expect Sneakz to play with a LATAM playstyle, with backs, stop trolls, and any tactics necessary to secure the dub.

Funny Name (Pirate Hackers)
Rank: #2
Season Starts: 10/11
Notes: 11 time SNS champion. 3 wins this season. Worst finish this season is 6th.

Funny Name aka Swag King is one of the more technical players at SNS and is going to be one of the key contenders facing Ikon and others traveling to the event. Funny Name is outpacing Sneakz in overall points, but logistically missed 1 start this season to play in MKU primetime in Season 13 against Version 2. Funny Name has US tops on Bone Dry Dunes and Ice Ice Outpost and is one of the more prolific time trial centric players natively from Las Vegas. He is the top Vegas local that will look to take down the inbound competition.

Vanni (Free Agent)
Rank: #3
Season Starts: 11/11
Notes: 3 time SNS champion. Missed finals once in his 11 starts this season.

Vanni (formerly Symphony, MKO) is a hot topic at SNS after temporarily (?) retiring from the MK8 competitive scene. He is the top inward player in the tournament.  He recently won his 3rd SNS title this season on April 3rd. Staying out of trouble has been a key reason why Vanni has been fighting for a top ranking week in and week out. Expect pyramid hands, staredowns, and Vanni to be a fan favorite for SNS 100.

Glitch (Pirate Hackers)
Rank: #4
Season Starts: 9/11
Notes: 19 time SNS champion. Finished 2nd three times this season. Professional troll.

Glitch is the most decorated SNS champion. He is known for his shock-bagging and his ability to physically and mentally break you down (you should have seen him and Cuj face off, it was poetry in motion). Not only does Glitch dodge shocks, but he also dodges beer cans thrown at him by adults (we’re looking at you, Guinness Guy) who dislike Glitch’s toxic yet rewarding playstyle. Glitch was highlighted in recent MKC seasons, as well as won the Kart Klash Invitational late last year in a field of stronger opponents. He changes his loadouts and can be a threat from all angles (he can run too) at SNS 100.

Joronimo (Pirate Hackers)
Rank: #5
Season Starts: 10/11
Notes: 4 time SNS champion. Shell Shocked champion. Missed finals once in 10 starts this season.

Joronimo is known for the best wink in Vegas and has limited time to capture his 5th title. As an active duty member of the Air Force, his time in Vegas is slowly coming to an end which could give Jory an edge in motivation for securing the title at SNS 100. Jory has been one of the original players of the tournament and is one of the few to have a drink at the bar named after him. He’s also a pro D1 Isabelle player that you might see in action. Jory is also known for having the best wink in Vegas.

The first week in May featured a 2v2 mogi format with rawr xd / Funny Name in 1st, Glitch / Sneakz in 2nd, and NIGHT / Cherry in 3rd

RidingMyPidgey (Pirate Hackers)
Rank: #6
Season Starts: 10/11
Notes: 2 time SNS champion. Made finals in every season appearance thus far. Actor.

Pidgey loves to be in front of the camera doing the Pidgey Shuffle. His hashtag #Justice4Pidgey caught traction with him securing two tournament wins in 2020. Pidgey consistently reviews his racing on his stream and proves that reviewing the film is the key to his success. Pidgey recently missed an SNS due to a film project, but is expected to be an entrant and a finals threat at SNS 100 on Donkey Kong.

Baddercookie (Free Agent)
Rank: #7
Season Starts: 11/11
Notes: 6 Finals appearances this season. May or may not have a different hair color for SNS 100.

Baddercookie is an up and coming younger player and is an MKC free agent. He stays devoted to Waluigi scooty, and is a frontrunning threat with clean air. He has yet to win an SNS but his consistency has proven to be valuable by showing up each week and making the finals in a majority of his appearances. He is constantly improving and is just shy of a top 5 spot in the local seedings going into SNS 100.

LVZ Kiro  (Pirate Hackers)
Rank: #8
Season Starts: 9/11
Notes: 8 Finals appearances this season. Arguably has the best dab in Vegas.

Kiro is likely one of the most anticipated players to win his first title, and what better occasion than SNS 100. His consistency in finals has been proven by making 8 trips in his 9 starts. Kiro however has missed the last two events, so we will have to see how he’ll play heading into SNS 100. Kiro is open about his crippling lounge addiction and his Iron MMR deficiency. If anyone has any MMR you can donate to Kiro, please email mario[at]swagmoneygaming.com and a representative will be in touch. (Yes – it’s real. Email if you dare.)

ImmortalMan2650 (Storm Rush Gaming)
Rank: #9
Season Starts: 7/11
Notes: SNS Champion. Arguably the most improved player in Vegas.

Immortal has made finals appearances in all but one of his starts this season. He went from being a brand new player in late 2019, and in some cases getting nauseous before playing on stage. Immortal has fought through his nerves and has taken improving his gameplay during the pandemic seriously. He’s one of the most improved players and is a staple for SRG’s squad in MKC. Don’t rule out Immortal to be a major threat in the finals for SNS 100.

Cir9 (Casual Player)
Rank: #10
Season Starts: 9/11
Notes: SNS Champion. Original SNS Community member.

Cir9 was the winner of SNS #3, and has improved along with some of the MKC players featured throughout the field. He races under JPN, and sometimes makes a cameo appearance in teamplay with ph. Cir9 also defeated Diplo in FUSER, a DJing based game and is the mastermind behind the MK8DX reality tournament tagged “Cirvival”. Cir9 does it all and is one of the head admins within the community of players at SNS. He is also the king of trash talk which is another reason to beware of Cir9.

TGray, co-leader of Night Kids playing Runners Assemble vs. American Gunslingers as rawr xd looks on and Ankles (AGs) is nearby.

R1l3y (Pirate Hackers)
Rank: #11
Season Starts: 8/11
Notes: 2nd chance notable winner.

R1l3y is a unique player who came out of a year plus long hiatus. Originally he was known for battling in 2nd chance fighting for a semifinals spot. Since his return, he has been a borderline mainstay in finals appearances. He generally finishes in the mid pack of the finals and also is a crowd favorite with support from the house of mo (to be covered later), and his family. Expect the crowd to be on R1l3y’s side, especially if his mom is in attendance. He is a new member of the Pirate Hackers, playing for their 2nd squad this MKU season.

Jinx (Pirate Hackers)
Rank: #12
Season Starts: 9/11
Notes: 5 finals appearances in 9 starts. Prominent Waluigi cosplayer.

The live chat favorite is Jinx, who is well known streaming on Trovo. She is mentored by Darky and is quickly improving and building up on her consistency. It is unknown if Jinx is planning to bring a live chicken (somehow named Ty after Tyler17) to the arena for the 100th anniversary of SNS. Jinx could be a dark horse that could make it deep into the tournament.

XIII (Storm Rush Gaming)
Rank: #13
Season Starts: 11/11
Notes: Yet to DNQ for Semifinals.

XIII, conveniently ranked 13th, is still looking to finish in the single digits at SNS. He has been extremely consistent finishing between 10th and 22nd in his starts this season. XIII is coming off of four straight finals appearances and is hoping to make it 5 straight going into SNS 100.

KARMA (formerly Noir)
Rank: #14
Season Starts: 10/11
Notes: 5 finals appearances in 10 starts. 

Karma is known in MKC formerly as Gourmet, winning a division 6 title with the former Team Cafe, now known as Noir. Karma is consistently a semi finalist to finals player looking to capitalize on her success. Karma’s item play has consistently improved the past several weeks so expect her to be a threat at all points of the event. Rumor has it she is looking to make her competitive MKC return.

FreeDizzle (formerly Republic of Memes)
Rank: #15
Season Starts: 10/11
Notes: 2 finals appearances in last 3 starts

Freedizzle is a boo main who’s alias sparked the subclan Team Dizzle, a sub clan for Vegas players to learn the ropes of 6v6. Freedizzle was inspired to play King Boo because of Glitch and is one of the few players left maining him at the tournament. He shocked a lot of regulars with a very impressive run in the SNS Duos tournament with his partner, Bruh on May 1st.

Cherry (Banana Legion)
Rank: #16
Season Starts: 5/11
Notes: only female SNS champion

Cherry is the catalyst which drove troves of Vegas players into the MKC community. She won SNS 4, and recently made her return back in October to SNS after a several month long hiatus. She has 2 finals appearances in her 5 starts and is the top ranked part time SNS player. Cherry is one of the few original SNS players left, now playing for Banana Legion.

Bruh (formerly Republic of Memes)
Rank: #17
Season Starts: 6/11
Notes: 3 finals appearances in 6 starts

Bruh is a Link main who has been playing part time and may be making an appearance at SNS 100. The outspoken player will have to not only talk the talk, but walk the walk with a star studded field for SNS 100. He formerly was a member and leader of the Republic of Memes on MKC.

TwoInchesMo (Casual Player)
Rank: #18
Season Starts: 10/11
Notes: has made semifinals in all but two appearances

TwoinchesMo may have one of the most hype names in SNS history. He currently is the leader of his “house” which features Jedata, Hush, Banda, DizneyKP, and others. Expect all of two inches of Mo and his friends to be present at SNS 100. 

BearUNLV (eUnited)
Rank: #19
Season Starts: 3/11
Notes: 3 finals appearances in 3 starts. Creator of SNS, 3 time SNS champion

Bear is the creator of SNS, and for the past year and a half has been a prominent threat since competing in his tournament. After switching to Roy, the gloves were off as Bear was able to take down many SNS vets for multiple titles. Bear has been on quite a streak in limited starts, and expect to see more of Bear with NV’s COVID protocols easing up. Bear also was a finalist in Genesis 7 in Oakland, California and has experience running and playing in major MK8 tournaments.

NiGHT (Free Agent)
Rank: #20
Season Starts: 6/11
Notes: 1 finals appearance in 4 starts. All time SNS 200cc Baby Park and Battle Mode Winner.

Night has had a unique season, withdrawing from SNS twice after two dominant qualifying rounds to promote a content house in Las Vegas. Night has only made finals once in four viable starts this season, but has had success as a finalist in Genesis 7 and winning the One Up Games Quarantine Cup in 2020. While he has won a Vegas tournament back in 2019, he has yet to capture an SNS victory. In a crowded field, expect Night to be in the discussion to at least race his way into the show by any means necessary through tiebreakers or 2nd chance.

Saturday Night Speedway Highlights from 2020

rawr xd (Pirate Hackers)
Rank: #21
Season Starts: 2/11
Notes: 2 time SNS champion. Finals appearances in both starts.

Rawr xd was on the rise this past season in MKC, taking over the reins of Pirate Hackers leadership. He finished 5th in Genesis 7, and is one of the more prominent regional players of SNS currently. Once or twice a month, rawr takes the trek from Arizona to compete at SNS. This season, he has finished 2nd and 3rd… but has yet to receive a plaque. Don’t let his ranking fool you- Rawr could be the regional spoiler that has the best chance to take down the fly-in travelers inbound heading to SNS 100.

TGray (Night Kids)
Rank: #22
Season Starts: 3/11
Notes: 1 finals appearance this season. 9 toed assassin.

TGray has made limited starts at SNS since becoming a co-leader of the up and coming team, Night Kids. He recently took a hiatus after a mysterious medical emergency that forced him to lose one of his toes. TGray however has been a staple in the NK lineup and like a few others, has limited history this season to tie down to. Will he rise to the occasion as he steps toe to toe on stage with the other SNS competitors?

Note: After the time of writing this article, TGray has publicly confirmed he will not be in attendance at SNS 100 due to a prior engagement.

YoungTheWizard (Kartlogical)
Rank: #23
Season Starts: 8/11
Notes: 4 semi finals appearances in 8 starts

YoungTheWizard is another inward player formerly known for his tenure on MKO and Speed Stars. He recently has made a return to SNS after a break and has had a season best finish of 9th place. YoungTheWizard is an inward player looking to be an upset at SNS 100.

Jedata (Casual Player)
Rank: #24
Season Starts: 9/11
Notes: 7 semi finals appearances in 9 starts

Jedata is another player in the “Masters” group (30+ racer at SNS) who has had a consistent record of semi finals appearances. He’s constantly flirting to take over the title of his house with TwoInchesMo, Banda, and others. It will be interesting to see where Jedata will compare with many prominent names traveling in as a semifinalist player.

Airboom54 (Machine Kings Online)
Rank: #25
Season Starts: 5/11
Notes: 4 semi finals appearances in 5 starts

Airboom54 is known for his pop offs and some deep runs in 2nd chance. He is the manager of Machine Kings Online that briefly played for two seasons in MKC. Airboom has a career best finish of 12th this season, making finals once in five starts.

Ankles (American Gunslingers)
Rank: #26
Season Starts: 10/11
Notes: Rapidly improving player, professional Iron 1 grinder.

Ankles is slowly and surely gaining more traction with his gameplay each week. His grind in lounge has literally prepared him for the L mashing and item spam that will ensue come SNS 100. He recently joined American Gunslingers 2 for this upcoming MKU season. Ankles has over 120+ events in lounge and despite his low MMR, he hopes to prove that the reps are beneficial racing against a similar type of playstyle. He is in the discussions for being one of the most improved players at SNS.

Jabeeezie (Casual Player)
Rank: #27
Season Starts: 7/11
Notes: 5 semi finals appearances in 8 starts

Jabeezie has always been a threat in semi finals or on the cusp of breaking out of 2nd chance. His season best finish is 14th.

Sprtsjoey1 (Storm Rush Gaming)
Rank: #28
Season Starts: 11/11
Notes: 7 semi finals appearances in 11 starts

Joey is well known for his baby park scream heard around the arena and has been labbing to improve his gameplay against a packed field of players for SNS 100. His season best finish is 14th, but has yet to make a finals appearance since early on in a limited field during the pandemic. Joey is one of the only ranked players from SRG that was featured in the first ever 6v6 featured at a LAN event that took place in February of 2020. Joey can also frequently be seen streaming MK8 online and is now one of the top 20 English streamers.

JDX (formerly Republic of Memes)
Rank: #29
Season Starts: 3/11
Notes: 3 semi finals appearances in 3 starts

JDX is another inward player that has had a consistent showing in his limited attempts. Finishing 13th, 14th, and 15th in his three finishes, expect the same level of consistency if JDX can manage a higher strength of field than normally accustomed to. JDX is also a well known bowler in the SNS community scoring in the upper 200s consistently. Can he go for a perfect score at SNS 100?

Jay Jay 107 (Casual Player)
Rank: #30
Season Starts: 6/11
Notes: 4 semi finals appearances in 6 starts

Jay Jay 107 is part of the Cruzer family that will have a “home arena” advantage when they play. They are the loudest (but not obnoxious, don’t worry) group in the arena when they show up. With LA Cruzer and Moon Princess in town from California, we cannot have them overshadow the fact that Jay Jay 107 is the sole ranked player from within the family.

Expected Regional Entrants

Danny Fathom (Pirate Hackers)
Season Starts: 1/11
Notes: 1 semifinals appearances in 1 start, CEO and Genesis 7 finalist

Danny got his first dose of SNS nearly two months ago, unable to make finals with a 15th place finish. Known as “DC Danny”, the real disconnect for Danny was the external factors that normally have plagued newcomers in hopes of getting an SNS championship. Now that Danny knows how the noise, lights, and cameras (especially this part) work, it’s all a matter of action. He also has traveled to each major MK8 LAN in 2020 (Genesis 7, CEO Dreamland) and has been a finalist in each. If Danny can avoid putting his switch in sleep mode, expect him to go far at SNS 100.

The disconnect heard round the world.

Captain Luigi (Arcadia)
Season Starts: 0/11
Notes: 1 SNS start

Captain Luigi (Michael) will be back in action at SNS. Michael fell to Mankalor during his first SNS appearance, but also wasn’t as broken into the 150cc community at that point in his career. With a new format, bigger prize pool, and Michael’s 150cc focus, expect him to exceed expectations from his debut and throw his name into the ring and #PipeUp for an SNS 100 championship bid. 

Quan4Sho (Noir)
Season Starts: 1/11
Notes: 1 semi finals appearance in 1 season start. Unconfirmed.

Quan4Sho like other adult players sometimes gravitate to the bar which may or may not impair their playstyle. Quan, in two starts, has played well in qualifiers, but hasn’t eclipsed the semi finals threshold to make his first finals appearance. This season, Quan finished 16th in his 2nd ever SNS start.  If he attends SNS 100, he will hope that three times is the charm to make his first finals appearance. 

ToKy (Twitch Streamer)
Season Starts: 1/11
Notes: finished 4th in first career SNS start

Racing under Panoclio, ToKy came to play at SNS from the east coast and proved that jet lag is no object too insurmountable for him to overcome. He was a constant threat the entire night, and may be one of the top non-MKC players to look out for. He is already confirmed for SNS 100 and is bringing an entourage of other players, including Baperwave (The Unknowns), California Peter, and Aymz.


Cuj (Free Agent)
Season Starts: 0/11
Notes: finalist in sole SNS appearance. Unconfirmed.

Cuj is more of a longshot to enter, but did place in the finals during his SNS debut on Halloween. Cuj, like others, mentioned that once you understand the nuances of the “over the top” playstyle and get a handle of how the LAN factors play into account, the racing is much more manageable. If his schedule permits, he will be a finalist threat in the front, back, and middle of the pack, similar to Glitch.

Squill (Night Kids)
Season Starts: 1/11
Notes: semi finalist in sole SNS appearance

Squill finished 20th in his SNS debut this past season but plans to up the ante at SNS 100. He was last seen at the bar with TGray and Cheese and alcohol may or may not have hindered his performance. We’ll see how Squill performs for SNS 100 given that he has broken into the LAN environment in his debut. 

LA Cruzer (formerly Machine Kings Online)
Season Starts: 1/11
Notes: semi finalist in sole SNS appearance this season

LA Cruzer will for sure have the biggest cheers and the loudest fan base surrounding him for SNS 100. His unique Tanooki mario / inward loadout proves to hold strong against stout fields. Cruzer had a short run on MKO and is arguably the 2nd best inward player at SNS behind Vanni. He’s also one of the most talented regional players above the age of 30.

MoonPrincess89 (Casual Player)
Season Starts: 1/11
Notes: semi finalist in sole SNS appearance this season

Like Cruzer, Moon Princess is another regional player within the Cruzer family. She finished 23rd in her sole SNS start this season. 

NQ (Kinetic Pii)
Season Starts: 1/11
Notes: semi finalist in sole SNS appearance this season

Nick Quan is hoping to capitalize on his semi finals appearance this season if the KP crew is able to come to SNS 100 barring logistics with MKU the next day. The LA to Vegas routine will be the key factor on a KP squad rolling deep to the event.

Zakkboi (Kinetic Pii)
Season Starts: 1/11
Notes: finalist in sole SNS appearance

Zakk plays under the toadbot Alias Toad#7861 and managed to earn a finals spot and a career best 11th place. Will Toadbot return before his MKU duties the next morning?

HeartNSoul (Kinetic Pii)
Season Starts: 1/11
Notes: semifinalist in sole SNS appearance this season

HeartNSoul finished 15th in his SNS appearance this past season but could be another threat to look out for going deep into the tournament.

NinjaBuddy (Kinetic Pii)
Season Starts: 1/11
Notes: semifinalist in sole SNS appearance this season

NinjaBuddy finished 18th in her latest SNS appearance. Can she rise to the occasion to become a female champion?

Other Local Entrants

MORZ~I~LA (Casual Player)
Season Starts: 8/11
Notes: 2 semifinals appearances in 8 starts

Morzilla is the local member of the Cruzer Family, and will be looking to bolster his playstyle with the energy and support from his family in and out of town. He recently has been practicing on a metal mario / standard bike loadout and it seems to be paying off dividends for him.

Cruzn-E (Casual Player)
Season Starts: 5/11

Cruzn-E’s season best finish was 29th which marks them as a 2nd chance contender.

MRSHL (formerly Pirate Hackers)

Notes: SNS Champion

Marshal is expected to return after a major hiatus, leaving the competitive scene for the 2nd time in July of 2020. He was an integral part of ph when it was founded, coming up with the “Hackers” component to the team name. MRSHL is virtually guaranteed to be the only koopa troopa player in the field for SNS 100. He has one SNS championship under his belt, tying with professional rocket league player, Pluto, at SNS 11.

Froggo (Pirate Hackers)
Season Starts: 1/11
Notes: 1 semi final appearance in 1 start this season, SNS Champion. Unconfirmed.

Froggo won SNS back at SNS 47 and regularly plays as a Hunter within the ph ecosystem. He has a season best finish of 14th which came in his sole start. Froggo is a senior in high school, and recently has taken a break from LANs to focus on gearing up for college. It will be interesting to see what form he is in for SNS 100.

LastPlace4Life (Pirate Hackers)
Season Starts: 4/11
Notes: 3 semi finals appearances in 4 starts

LastPlace4Life is currently in the middle of a political campaign, but will also be in attendance for SNS 100. His season best finish is 16th so far. LP4L has also had a brief tenure with Kinetic Pii and ran Machine Kings Online.

Syntheric (formerly Pirate Hackers)
Season Starts: 0/11

Syntheric is making a return from a long hiatus at SNS 100. Having had to drop competitive racing and SNS due to work obligations, SNS 100 will be a great reunion for him and it will be exciting to see him back on the track.

NintenDORK (Storm Rush Gaming)
Season Starts: 0/11

NinenDORK is also making his return to action after a work-related hiatus working in the medical field on the front lines of the pandemic. Another player that will be exciting to see back in action to make their season debut!

TwoFlips (Symphony)
Season Starts: 0/11

TwoFlips like NintenDORK will also be back in action. TwoFlips now is a key contributor to Bass Line, and has been visibly practicing during his off time. In one his most recent appearances, he pulled off a perfect 60 in his latest qualifying run and hopes to continue on that success deeper in the tournament. TwoFlips is also expected to be a potential deep threat and hopes to pass under the radar after being absent from SNS for months.

Cheese (Night Kids)
Season Starts: 1/11
Notes: 1 semi final appearance this season

Cheese finished 17th in his sole tournament appearance this season. He is another Night Kids member that will be an underrated player to focus on, especially in the earlier stages of the tournament.

MarioPartyKing (Storm Rush Gaming)
Season Starts: 3/11
Notes: 1 semi final appearance in 3 season starts

MPK has made one semi finals appearance at SNS this season. MPK has finished a season best 13th in his Yoshi / landship loadout. With IRL duties and other obligations leading Storm Rush Gaming, MPK could be a mysterious entry for SNS 100 given the lack of data on him in recent events. He has some momentum going into SNS 100 with a strong Duos performance with his partner, Supreme-O.

Tinsqu (Storm Rush Gaming)
Season Starts: 0/11

Tinsqu could be another local entering into SNS 100. She is the leader of SRG’s Mario Kart division. Like MPK, she has not shown up to compete in SNS this past season so her current gameplay level could be unknown. Don’t rule her out from a semis or finals bid. 

8oh5  (Dad Gaming League)
Season Starts: 10/11
Notes: 1 semi finals appearance in 10 starts

8oh5 aka Sneakz’ dad will also be in attendance and is hoping to have his 2nd semi finals appearance this season at SNS 100. He is a member of the Dad Gaming League and will hope to bring his DK Scooty combo deep into the tournament. Also expected to enter are Slickz, Sweetz, and Sneaky Mama.

Xero (I Ain’t No B*)
Season Starts: 2/11
Notes: 2 semi finals appearances in 2 starts

Xero is a player who has mastered the art of playing with a smash box. He has had two semi finals appearances in his two starts and is hoping for that consistency to shine at SNS 100. He plans to crush the competition with his bare hands, if he already isn’t doing that with his next meal of the day.

Mr. Scooty (Casual Player)
Season Starts: 6/11
Notes: 1 semi finals appearance in 6 starts

Mr. Scooty is an enigma who also has gone under such aliases as Kane and Luigi (his luigi costume is insane). He stays loyal to the Scooty brand, but has gone to 2nd chance 4 out of the 6 times this past season. His son, BadderCookie is one of the up and coming racers at SNS.

Sgt. Kazoo (Casual Player)
Season Starts: 10/11

Notes: Best finish this season is 28th

BatGav (Casual Player)
Season Starts: 9/11
Notes: Best finish this season is 36th

Heidi Sprite (PowerPuffs)
Season Starts: 6/11
Notes: 2 semi finals appearance in 6 starts

Banda (Casual Player)
Season Starts: 6/11
Notes: 2 semi finals appearance in 6 starts

Potential Surprise Entrants

Samuel (Dynamite)
Season Starts: 0/11
Notes: 10 time SNS champion.

Samuel had a remarkable SNS championship run and is now one of the clear staples of the Dynamite Omega squad for this upcoming MKU season. Samuel not only had command of the top spot during his tenure at SNS, but also was in a battle with Darky, Hydro, and Ginja when he made a cameo appearance at the Encore LAN event in New York. While it’s unlikely that Samuel will make it to SNS 100, he could be the surprise entrant that could throw a wrench into the plans of a favorite winning.

NOTE: Samuel is 100% confirmed and entered for SNS 100 at the time this article is published.

First time ever a player was able to make drunk members of the crowd strip in support of them.
Samuel had one of the most impressive runs in SNS history.

SuperFX (High Definition)
Season Starts: 0/11
Notes: 2 time SNS champion in 3 appearances

Kyle (SuperFX) has had two major SNS wins in 3 starts, initially tying with Hobbie at SNS 12 and outright winning his 2nd SNS appearance. Kyle made a return at SNS 38, but lost narrowly as both Sneakz and Kyrette tied to defeat Kyle. While it’s heavily unlikely Kyle will attend, he could be the redemption arc SNS 100 needs.

Mankalor (Streamer)
Season Starts: 0/11
Notes: SNS champion

Mankalor has made two starts at SNS, becoming the champion in his first outing. Word has it there is a special guest spot, and Mankalor could be an easily choice as to filling in that particular role.

Xavier Woods / Austin Creed
Season Starts: 0/11

Xavier Woods could also be a unique special guest, having played against BearUNLV, Knives, and Night in a 6v6 on WWE Network. Creed stated if he was in Vegas, SNS could be an option. With WrestleMania in the books, is it possible that Creed could come out and take on Team Bear man to man?

Note: Also shot down given his current storyline with WWE at the time this article was written.

JPGiviner (SecretX)
Season Starts: 0/11
Notes: Special Guest?

While John has stated that he likely won’t come to SNS until 2022, there is a small chance I personally believe he could be the special guest for SNS 100. His stock has gone up not only from his base of competitive followers, but also by bridging the gap to expand awareness of general MK8 strats and driving to casual MK8 players. Given the heavy MKC player base that makes up the SNS community John could be mum on the fact that he is planning to make an appearance with Ikon to give the SNS field a run for their money. This is highly unlikely, but I’d be remiss not include JPGivener as an unlikely but potential entrant. This could be the push John needs… content is king.

Note: This is completely shot down given the lockdown situation in Canada but it was a great guess. It was worth a try haha.

As you can see, the field for next Saturday, May 15th will be stacked with American talent. Comment below with who you think may be the special guest or who you are rooting for to win SNS 100!

The current SNS 100 lineup as of May 6th. Unconfirmed entrants: Tinsqu, Quan4Sho, Cuj, Kinetic Pii, and Froggo



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