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200cc Solo Circuit Finals - December 7, 2019


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(read the 2nd post here also it has crucial information)


Created and Hosted By: Mario Kart Central Event Organizer Staff
Discord contacts: (Rookie#4729, Cynda#1979)
Tournament Type: FFA
Starting Date/Time: Saturday, December 7th @ 12:00 PM EST (18:00 CET)
Check-in: 11:30 AM EST (17:30 CET)
Click here for help converting to your timezone: http://time.is/EDT / http://time.is/CEST
Limit: 36 players


1st: $50 (or local equivalent) Nintendo eShop code


a. Players must have an account on mariokartcentral.com and be registered on the site registry.
a.i. If a player is found to be using an alternate account to deceive the tournament organizers, they will be punished by Mario Kart Central staff and immediately disqualified from the tournament.
b. Players banned from Mario Kart Central are prohibited from registering.
c. Players must play with the Switch FC they registered with for the tournament. If a player needs their FC changed, they should notify organizers in advance.
d. If you wish to cancel your registration, please withdraw your registration on the event signup page and let us know you're withdrawing.

a. Players who sign up for the FFA agree to the rules and the final decisions of the FFA organizers.
b. Free choice of tracks, vehicles, characters, and controllers.
c. All rounds will consist of normal items, 200cc, and CPUs off. Hard CPUs will be on for every round.
d. Round lengths will vary based on the schedule listed in the next post.
e. Repeats are -10 points and reset each round.
f. Players found with game-breaking lag will be disqualified, and staff will be alerted. (Example: constant warping, causing roulette to have massive lag, etc)

f.i. Players flagged due to lag will not be allowed to participate. To check if you are on the flaglist, please click here.
g. Players may not cooperate with other teams in the tournament in order to gain an advantage.

g.i. Examples of this include voice communication, teaming in-game, and anything else that could give players an advantage. If it’s questionable, it’s probably not allowed.
g.ii. Players that are found to be teaming will be immediately disqualified and will receive a punishment to be determined by Mario Kart Central staff.

h. Players must not use any form of hacking or other exploitations.

h.i. Should a player hack, the host is to immediately close the room, remove the offender(s), and re-open the room. The race will not count and the player will be disqualified and banned from mariokartcentral.com.
i. Should a player lap-troll, the host is to immediately close the room, remove the offender(s), and re-open the room. The race will not count and the player will be disqualified.

a. A player’s total score will be the total points they scored in each race of the round.
b. Prior to the finals, players who disconnect will receive +3 to their score per race missed.

a. Groups will be seeded based on circuit results. For later rounds, players will be re-seeded with respect to the original seed order at the beginning of the tournament.

a. The host must add all players 5 minutes before the round’s starting time.
b. Players must add the host by the round’s posted starting time.
c. In each round, players have 10 minutes to join the room after the start time. (For example, 2:10 EDT if the start time is 2:00)
d. The host must open the room at the time posted by the organizers.
e. Failure to join the room within the allotted time will result in an automatic disqualification.
f. In the rare event that there are not enough hosts available, the tournament organizers will disqualify the last x amount of participants.
f.i. For example, if there is one room without a host, the last 12 participants to sign up will be disqualified.
g. If a host is found to be breaking hosting rules, they will be banned from hosting future tournaments.
h. If 3 or more players are missing from the results screen after a race, the race will not count and the room must be restarted.
i. If a player not intended to be in a room joins, any races played with that player will not count and the room must be restarted.

a. Hosts are responsible for taking screenshots of the room’s final results and posting them on the tournament thread.
b. Hosts who do not take pictures will not be allowed to host future tournaments.
c. When posting results make sure to clearly mark what room you were in, show who is proceeding to the next round, and post every player’s switch FC next to their name. (Copy and pasting from the rooms post is the easiest way to do this)


Sign-ups will now be done through the MKCentral Event Signup page, found here. Please note additional registration rules in the next post.

Please note this is an invitational tournament, so only those who have played in the qualifiers will be eligible to participate in the 36-person tournament.

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Special Registration Rules (please read to help tournament day go smooth)
- Like most tournaments, players will need to register on the tournament page.
- Because this is the final event of a qualifier, only the top 36 players in the rankings will be guaranteed a spot in the tournament. All other players who participated may sign-up, but will be put on a waitlist. It is strongly encouraged that you sign up if you are in the top 48 of the rankings.
- Registration will lock at 11:00 AM EST the day of the tournament. You must sign up on the tournament page in time to be eligible to play in the tournament. Players currently ranked outside the top 12 are encouraged to sign-up even if their availability is shaky. A check-in will take place before the event that ensures the tournament gets 36 players, so no disqualifications will be counted for these players.
- Players ranked from 13th to 36th will be required to check-in on discord or via posting in this thread from 11:30-11:40 AM EST.
- After check-in ends, on Discord, the remaining spots of those who did not check-in will be filled starting with the 37th ranked player until 36 players are obtained for the tournament.
- Players in the top 12 will not have to check-in or even show up until their semifinals room. Please note that if you're in the top 12 currently, your room is still subject to change until registration locks an hour before round 1 (unless you're the #1 seed).
- Players currently in the top 12 that register but end up being unable to participate in their room will receive a disqualification unless they either unregister before registration closes or deconfirm in the check-in window.

Extra Note: Semi-final rooms will not be randomized, but will be re-seeded in order to prevent entire rooms advancing together. If the 25th seed doesn't advance from Round 1 but the 26th seed does, the 26th seed will take the 25th seeds slot in the semifinals, and onward.


All times in EST.

11:00 AM - Registration Page Deadline
11:30 AM - Check-in Begins for players ranked 13th-36th.
11:40 AM - Missing player spots filled in on Discord.
12:00 PM - Tournament Begins. (Round Times on Bracket Above)

Catch the entire event live streamed on Twitch!​
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Since Discord is acting up, just for clarity:

This will start in 17 minutes still, Cynda is hosting: 3245-1812-8032

@Cynda go to the hd site chatbox i need a means to contact you
since discord is dead

my net said pce race 15 and by the time it got back i didn't have enough time to rejoin room. ggs


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Semifinals, last race, a random player joined and finished. Does the race count? My discord is still dead.
It will be counted; we'll have no 12th race to count otherwise, and the person who d/c'd was eliminated regardless of the race. The result will just be upheld; unfortunately there's just no good solution here and we were unable to communicate with everyone because of Discord being down


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Final Bracket is Updated!

Final Results (36 Entrants)

1 Darky
2 Erickfree
2 Eji
2 K4I
5 James
6 Brandon
7 Ember
8 Elmer
9 Thimo
10 Cynda
11 Shadow
12 Michael
13 そうめん
13 Toshiki_0829
15 Luma
15 Ryan5*
17 Devoty
17 Daniielx
19 alpha
19 Mitch
21 Slater
21 yuyuyu
23 Elie
23 Alsterboy123
25 JKsonic
25 J2Owen
27 Saru
27 Gecko
29 3-UP
29 popuko
31 Mastergame
31 zuax
33 Luckyo
33 xNts
35 Hermes
35 Quento

Results are updated in our database as well now: https://www.mariokartcentral.com/mkc/tournaments/13

Congrats to @Darky for the first place effort, and winning the prize. Good stuff as well to Erickfree, K4I, and Eji for the 3 person tie for 2nd as well. Really was unfortunate how bad Discord was today, made everything way harder. Hope it was still worth the time for everyone, at least it seemed the finals went pretty well overall. Thanks for playing everyone!