A new calendar suggestion for 2021

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There have been multiple confirmations that the next MKU season will start on August 1st. Signups should start soon.
However, it doesn't seem a good idea to start that early, for multiple reasons.


--> In order to play the season, many teams will need to play with mixed rosters, or with a weakened roster.
Some will say: So what? Two key points have to be kept in mind.
(a) Mario Kart Universal is, by far, the occidental team tournament that acquires the most signups. Indeed, take a look at the number of signup teams in the 5 last events here:
- MKU (Season 14): 168 signups
- Velocity: 88 signups
- MKU (Season 13): 138 signups
- Amplify VI: 80 signups
- MKU (Season 12): 120 signups
(b) Twice a year, Mario Kart Central update their Team Power Rankings, which provides a Ranking based on the performance of MKCentral teams in their team events. Events are classified in "Tiers", which means that some events have more impacts than others on the Ranking. Without any surprise, MKU events are the ones that count the most for it.
Given these two facts, it seems contradictory to rush a season with mixed or weakened rosters, when clearly MKU is the most important team event, based on the community (a), and based on the MKCentral staff (b).
To prove the point that there are indeed mixed or weakened rosters, or even worse, teams not participating, Mario Kart France structure organized today a survey to all team leaders, which so far has been answered by 23 teams already. The survey isn't complete (some teams haven't answered yet), but 7 teams replied that they won't participate at all, 5 "multiple rosters teams" replied that only 1 roster will participate, 11 teams replied that they will participate with a weakened rosters due to an early start. None replied they would participate into normal conditions.

--> Starting on August 1st would not give enough time to staff in implement an upgrade to the current format suggested here.
After MKU-Apex announcement that happened few days earlier this week, a new format has been suggested to the thread linked just above. Given the interest generated by the idea, staff replied the format should eventually be considered, but that there aren't enough time left to implement it right into the next season, due to the season starting "in 3 weeks".

--> It is much better to run instead a short tournament in Early August instead.
Indeed, we have seen multiple tournaments played with mixed or weakened rosters, and no one ever complained, and this is because only MKUniversal is the most awaited event by the community in general.

Suggested Calendar for 2021

- Saturday, August 7th - Sunday, August 22nd : Short Tournament
- September 5th - October 24th : MKU Season 15 (Suggested format)
- November 28th - December 19th : MKU Season 16 (First Half)*
- January 9th - January 30th : MKU Season 16 (Second Half)

* Keep in mind the suggested format gives the advantage to be able to cut the season in two halves when holidays come in. Read about the suggested format on the link above for more details.


The suggested calendar should fix all the problems above.

--> A shorter event would be run in August and would prevent teams from playing major events with mixed or weakened rosters.
--> Starting in September, all teams should be able to enjoy and play MKU to its fullest by having complete rosters.
--> Staff would have more time to work in order to implement the suggested format


Staff have shown multiple times before that they listen to their playerbase. I feel there is a big occasion for them to do it once again, but time is running up. I feel we need to work together to make sure the events are run in an optimal way for the end of 2021. Thanks for reading.