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Hi all! I've been interested in making one of these for quite a while so I figured why not now. For those of you who don't know me I'm Brandon, formerly known as Yui. I've been in the Mario Kart community since about November of 2013 and have quite enjoyed my time here. I'm originally from Minnesota but have spent my years put and about in Colorado and North Dakota, I've recently moved on my own to Kentucky.

Sports have played a giant role in my life. Most of you whom know me personally know I'm a giant hockey nut. Born and raised a die hard Minnesota Wild fan. I played hockey from age 6 to 18 so hockey is something I hold near and dear to my heart. I also enjoy baseball and football, rooting for the Twins and Vikings respectively.

I have quite a few interests as well. I have been actively trying to better my fitness and health the past few years. I've been actively trying to get into running marathons and 5Ks in the near future. I enjoy watching shows whether it be anime or general shows. I of course enjoy gaming, I built my first ever gaming PC over a year and have loved ever since I also own a Switch (duh) and a PS4.

I've only been in one clan since the start of 8D and have no plans on being anywhere else.

Team History
Arcadia ( June 2017 - Present)
Discord: Brandon#1737