Division 1 - Standings and Fixtures

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Playoffs Schedule


Fixtures & Results

@Radi Radi#6594 / @Power pierre#9508
P - Matches Played
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Losses
GB - Games Behind 1st Place (could be conference or division depending on where you're looking)
TB - Tiebreaker (if there's no tiebreaker it will show as 0)
CW - Conference Wins
+/- - Overall Plus/Minus

x - Clinched Playoff Spot
y - Clinched Wild Card
z - Won Conference
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This season has come to an end.

Congratulations to World Friend Star once again for winning the division. The finals were close at a lot of points, but they managed to win the final match against High Definition which displayed a good performance as well.

It has been an entertaining season to keep up with. The positions of each team kept changing throughout the season, but that's what made it a competitive season. Hopefully that continues into the future.

Good job to every team for making it through the season.