Division 3 - Standings & Fixtures

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*Final week updated. Everyone who played at least 8/16 matches is on the chart.*

If you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to either DM me (@mikkel / mikkel#0017) or Brandon (@Brandon / Brandon#6116), or bring it up in the Division 3 channel in the MKU server.

Table shortcuts:
P - Matches Played
W - Wins
D - Draws
L - Losses
GB - Games Behind 1st Place (could be conference or division depending on where you're looking)
TB - Tiebreaker (if there's no tiebreaker it will show as 0)
CW - Conference Wins
+/- - Overall Plus/Minus

x - Clinched Playoff Spot
y - Clinched Wild Card
z - Won Conference
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There are a number of clashing matches involving V2 where both games in the week are against EU teams (at 22:00 AEDT).


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Week 8 updated. With this, the regular season has finished. The playoff match-ups can be found at the top of the thread. Additionally, indivs for those who played at least 50% of the season can be found towards the bottom of the post.

Good luck to everyone playing in playoffs!