[EuroLeague] Season 6 Confirmation

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EL Staff

The EuroLeague is back ! As usual, registration is done on the MKC Tournament Listing. Only team leaders/managers can sign their team up.

The format will be the same as last season, that is to say a swiss stage into a bracket stage. Your results on the swiss stage will determinate your seeding on the bracket stage.
Some changes will be implemented for the next season to ensure a fair swiss phase for every team.
Depending on the amount of sign-ups, top teams may get floated directly to the gold bracket.

The wars will always take place at 21 & 22 CEST on Fridays.

Teams have until September 5th @ 23:59:59 UTC to sign up. Player transfers will be closed at the same date.
This season will start on September 10th, and will last until October 29th. Ending date might be one week earlier depending on how many teams sign up.

To be eligible, your team must have at least 9 active players, whose 8 of them have to be European. Also, every war must be played with at least 5 European players in the line-up.
Universal ruleset can be found here.

Good luck to everyone, we hope you enjoy the competition!

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