[F] Greed Island 2 - 1 Noir ✓


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After watching GI's Twitch VOD, I saw that there was an instance where GI violated a rule regarding reopening.

e. In the event that all players have finished the race and results do not show, causing the room to crash, the host must reopen the room and give the opposing team 30 seconds to join. If the person causing the mass disconnection is on the away team, they must give the hosting team 30 seconds to join the room.

In the third match;
The room had to be forcefully closed on a race because the results weren't being displayed after a while. One of their players were stopped on the map, so they had to close the room and give the other team priority in joining for 30 seconds, but they didn't. The rule doesn't specifically say that they get a -20 penalty, but that seems to be an oversight. Another room closure rule that contains the 30 second priority gives out a -20 penalty, so I think it's only fair that I provide the same penalty here. The outcome of the match still doesn't change, meaning GI still wins the division.

The third table on this thread can't be updated by me, but the final score of it is GI 485 - 479 N.

Good job to both teams.