MKC's Solo Circuit - Introduction

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The Solo Circuit is a year long annual event hosted for individual players. Formerly known as MKU's FFA Circuit, the event has returned and will be starting up again in 2019 with a few changes. There will be a slightly smaller 200cc circuit as well. For those who do not know, FFAs are a style of tournament called free-for-alls. They're tournaments with multiple rounds, with generally half the participants in a round being knocked out until there's twelve players left, in which a final round is played where the winner takes all. Circuits are simply a string of events, so the basis of the Solo Circuit is simple: it's a string of FFA tournaments. There will be five main qualifier events that will happen throughout the year, which will act as the site's largest FFA style events of the year. Placing well in these tournaments will award you with circuit points. At the end of the year, a final 48 player invitational tournament will be played, with participants gaining entry via average circuit points obtained per event. It will also be a requirement that players participated in at least three of the five tournaments to be eligible for the finals. Better rankings will result in skipping round 1 or maybe round 2 of the final bracket. The champion of this final tournament will be the champion for the year. Registration for the circuit at large is as simple as signing up for a single event in the circuit, so just sign up on the event thread (or page, in the future) when they're available and you're good to go!

Every time you play a tournament, you will gain circuit points for the event. The rankings are determined based on your average points obtained per tournament. The top 48 players in the 150cc rankings will be invited to the Solo Circuit Finale, as well as the top 36 for 200cc. However, you must play over half the events (of 5 total in 150cc, and 3 total in 200cc) throughout the year to be invited to the Finale. There can be expeptions if you play exceptionally well in the events you played in, but it will be difficult. If you have not played at least half the events, your average will be out of all matches in the circuit, not out of the events you played. Anyways, here are the points you'll score based on tournament placement. Essentially, you'll get points for competing, but you'll need to place 97th or better to start scoring notable points.

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