Suggestion for future Seasons

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After what happened with the svc drop, something I've always been interested in for years was teams being able to set up Bo3's. With how things are currently done it's really difficult to get these done between prelims and final seedings.

As they are always posted Sunday and need to be finalized by Wednesday it's hard to get good LUs together for both sides to work. This is why I suggest moving the seedings release a few days earlier (for example this season Wednesday, March 16th) and having the final seedings posted on 20th/21st. This would give teams the time to set up best of 3 play-ins or set up a round-robin mini thing.

Then the season would start as normal.

The drawback is this would move the deadline a few/couple days earlier which might confuse some people that are used to Friday's being a deadline due to lack of reading despite 50 tags.


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could be kind of cool if something like the NBA play-in tournament were to be organized


IMO, something that could be done before the season starts could be promotion matches. I know GSC (MKW League) does this and they have it the week before regular matches. We could have teams that could easily be moved up or down, and a lot of people in the community want them to go up (Ex: Origin Osiris in D10) probably around 8-10 different teams, ideally, to play the matches. Winner goes to the higher of the 2 divs and the loser goes to the lower of the 2 divs. The matches are BO3, so in case one team gets lucky for a match they have 1-2 other matches to prove skill. This could maybe help with seedings for MKU, and could be good for better seasons.