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Summer 2021 Updates + Supporter Sale!

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Summer 2021 Updates + Supporter Sale​

Hello everyone,

Since the beginning of the year, we've reached a lot of milestones, including surpassing 15,000 members (actually approaching 17,000 soon!), record numbers of teams in our tournaments such as MKU, and offering our first cash-prize team tournament, Amplify VI. All this has happened while welcoming new faces into the community and continuing to serve older ones. With all that said, we have some announcements to share, be sure to read them!

Regarding our Staff Team​

Just like our membership, our staff team has been growing too. We've taken on new members in virtually every staff role there is, and at the moment, we're in the middle of selecting a new site admin to join our admin team. We hope to see the community reach new heights and this is just one way we're planning ahead for the future.

We would like to take a moment to remind you about proper etiquette regarding contacting staff for assistance. If you need help from a staff member, DON'T send them a direct message on Discord, especially the admins, who already have a lot to deal with. Instead, create a ticket in the MKCentral, Lounge, or other server, depending on what you need help with. Our staff will be glad to help, and creating a ticket allows any of many people to assist with your request.

Finally, while we're not actively recruiting more staff at this very moment, we will definitely find need for more people in the future to join our team. So, if you think you are fit for a staff position, and wouldn't mind helping out, there's no shame in creating a staff application; in fact we encourage it. We're excited to see what you have to offer!

Site Improvements​

At MKCentral, we're constantly working on improving our site. A couple of months ago, I (Jazzy) upgraded the site's server's software and installed the latest version of Xenforo, our forum software. Although the changes are small, you may have noticed a few changes. First of all, supporters can now request a name change on the forums themselves, and don't need to create a ticket to change their forum name. To request a name change, visit your account details, and you can edit your name there. Note that name changes will be placed in an approval queue before they take effect.

Also, supporters have another new feature available to them, also noticeable on your account details page. Lower down, you can add a banner image to your profile, which allows for a nice personal touch to those viewing your account.

As for the registry, I'm working on it! We have a lot of changes that are in the works; in fact, it might be our biggest update yet. Expect to see some cool new features and upgraded pages later this summer, after the coding is done, testing is complete, and upgrades are finished. While we don't have anything to share just yet, be assured the wait will be well worth it.

Site Supporter Sale!​

From now until July 12, our Site Supporter add-on is discounted to $6, reduced from the normal $10! In addition to the new features mentioned above, you'll have the ability to customize the registry with 5 extra color themes, add a border to your profile picture on the registry, and benefit from an ad-free browsing experience on both the forums and registry. If you want to support our site and the costs it takes to run it, we'd really appreciate you considering this option.

Finally, we're now accepting site supporter gifts, if you want to give a supporter badge along with its perks to a friend. To do this, just donate $6 (or $10, when the supporter sale ends) on our donations page and mention who you want to gift it to. Thanks for your help!

Closing Remarks​

We're really glad to have your support—and it really shows—with the success of our tournaments and community endeavors. We're excited to bring you even more greatness going forward, and we couldn't do it without you, the community. Thanks and have a great summer!

Jazzy on behalf of MKCentral Staff
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