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[W6] KVT 439 - tc 525 [Approved]

no worries! we aren't really mad about the issues. gg matus, it was a fun and close war! gl on your next wars. seeya next mku if we're in the same div!


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Yo, after some extensive review of the match and it's footage as well as consulting with the staff, I feel the need to make some adjustments.

I'm going to be delivering a -20 point penalty and a host flag to KVT. This penalty won't affect anyone's individual scores, just the team at large. I simply can't allow for three (3) room closures and an illegal host change to go unnoticed. It's unfortunate, but things such as these can have serious impacts on matches.

As I've mentioned many times throughout the season this far, please stay informed on MKU's rules. You hate to see it :(