[W7] Kev03's Gamers 459 - 525 Kartvengers Team [Approved]


ali not in room r1, +1 ali

arti's last race (r6)

nano dc #1

nano dc #2

-Ali was not here r1. +1 was added cause Larry only got 12th (benched next week)
-Articuno played first 6 races, we started losing once he left [emotional]
-Nano dced twice, points were given {LOOK AT THE IMAGES}
-We played 5v6 last 6 races <I'm looking to join new teams for MKU s10, DM if interested Justin#9780>
-Kevgamer03 was at the fucking mall again like he always is

^ Proof

GGs KVT was fun


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Thanks for the season, this new scheduled time screws me over so I won’t be able to play anymore weeks.

Keep it real gamers