[W9] HN 440 - 534 Bc ✓


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BC will get a -10 included in their final score since "ru" was not close enough to the registry name of Hikaru, I gave a warning about this before to Arti. Following with this rule:

d. Players must use a Mii name which makes them easily recognizable as their alias on the MKCentral registry. Failure to do so will result in a -10 (-7 in a 5v5) points penalty for the match.

Registry: Diogo Dos Santos Costa, Mii: HD DDSC ✓

Registry: Soldier, Mii: USA Sldr ✓

Registry: Soldier, Mii: HD Soldier ✓

Registry: Soldier, Mii: HDaddy ×

Changing the overall score to 440-534. Match approved and good luck both teams for the final week!