[A10] DS〆 566 - 408 アн ✓

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Room dc after race 1


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Since Immortal's registry name is ImmortalMan2650, and he used "xd_" as his in-game name the whole match, アн gets a -10 penalty.


Players must use a Mii name which makes them easily recognizable as their alias on the MKCentral registry.
Registry: Diogo Dos Santos Costa, Mii: HD DDSC ✓
Registry: Soldier, Mii: USA Sldr ✓
Registry: Soldier, Mii: HD Soldier ✓
Registry: Soldier, Mii: HDaddy ×


Teams will be punished accordingly for breaking these rules:
- If a player breaks the Mii name rules but fixes the error by the end of the 3rd race, and their team has not incurred any previous offenses of the Mii Name rules during the tournament, they will receive a warning.
- If a team has already received a Mii Name warning, players will not be penalized for violations of Mii name rules if the incorrect Mii names only showed during the first race they are in the room due to the potential lag with which the game records quick-changes of Mii names before matches.
- Otherwise: -10 penalty