[AB5] ARC 484 - 500 Re; [Approved]

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- Monfi DC'd on race 6 and we had a bot for race 7.
- Cora subbed in race 8 and played the rest of the war.
- Good games​


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The fact that we were in a position to win after having a disconnection giving Re a top 5 is absurd. And a spammed shock at a SINGLE SET, last set lap 3 while we can get top 6 is what ruins the war for us.

Absolutely zero justice.


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I hate to be salty on threads but this is the most undeserved loss I've ever had in a league match in my 10 years of playing Mario Kart.

Edit: Whoever is legit DDoSing our team DM me I'll pay you, this is ridiculous, every week.
We're completely sorry about that and ig y'all know that we can't do anything about of what happened to the one who got DDOS even though we're quite disappointed to have won like that.
Sorry again.


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Its not in our control that we dc so much lately. Its just so fucking annoying that we cant play a single MKU week without anyone dcing. Teeps dc'd randomly vs Prestige W1. Then Slaters net started to get worse again causing him to dc vs xi and make him unable to play vs EU week 2. And this weekend my net started to act weird again for no reason. I had a dc this afternoon while watching WOR vs JPN match 4. Then i dc'd literally 4mins before the match started against Re; and then obviously right after the race on DS. My net came back after 2 mins and it was fine again. To finish this off my last random dc was 30mins ago. My net was totally fine between that and i'm thankful that i was able to play the entire match vs wf. We'd pay money to play 12/12 races with 12 players everytime i swear this is just ridiculous to lose like that. This curse is following us since last season when Stevens used to dc randomly most matches or where Brandon dc'd last race vs wf W1 so they tie us when we were up 18 going into last race. Its Mario Kart after all but we deserve some justice I feel like.