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Abra - 🇬🇧💛💚
Also known as: Orka, Tadpole, Tilikum (Externally), Lotus


Notable Teams
NoirJan 3, 2020 – Feb 26, 2020
SymphonyMar 16, 2020 – Jul 29, 2020
Apex RacingAug 2, 2020 – Sep 27, 2020
Silence EclipseSep 27, 2020 – Oct 11, 2020
AfterDarkOct 28, 2020 – Nov 14, 2020
Nocturnal (Manager)Dec 1, 2020 - Aug 19, 2021
Đragon ŽoneNov 10, 2021 – Jan 2, 2022
Wild VacationersJun 9, 2022 – Aug 24, 2022
Speed StarsAug 24, 2022 – present

MKU Season 9 - d6 champions with Team Cafe (Noir)

I played in 2 of the 10 matches, being a benchwarmer for most of the season. Still happily collected my winner's medal at the end of the season! 😛

MKU Season 10 - d10 runner-up with Bass Line (Symphony)

I participated in all matches this season, including the semi-finals and final. In the end, we lost a difficult final to Souls of the Circuit by only 28 points.

MKU Season 11 - (Controversially) d10 champions with Apex - season Null and Voided

I played most matches this season, and we looked to go undefeated. However, unbenounced to us, we had a cheater on our books...

Mario Kart Professional League (LATAM Championship) - 3rd Place

Nocturnal's first tournament under my guidance - Third place in MKPL. Lost to WollywogZ in the semi-final.

MKU Season 14 - d14 | 5th Place

Heartbreakingly, NTL crashed out in the group stage via a tiebreaker. We had some good wins this season but some annoying defeats.

MKCentral Frontier - 42nd Place
No information to go with this one.

MKU Season 16 - d7 | 5th Place with Đragon Žone

A decent season, where I played most matches and had some good individual performances. Frustratingly didn't win enough matches and crashed out at the group stage again.

MKU Season 18 - d12 | 8th place with Wild Vacationers

After a short hiatus - definitely my worst season, I played most matches and had some decent individual performances but as a team won only 2 matches, coming last in our group.

MKU Season 19 - d12 | 5th Place with Spam Stars

Another season of heartbreak, Spam Stars crashing out of the groups by a tiebreaker; my second elimination via tiebreaker.

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