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Agility III | December 1,8,15,22 | Team Tournament


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Losers Round 3: YF Bans WP and rTT, Hz Bans SGF and dBB

Amateur Winners Round 2: YF bans rDDD and SA, KT bans rWS and SGF

Amateur Winners Round 3: YF bans dSBS and rDP3, PoD bans dYC and rWS

GGs all!


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Amateur loser round 2
GGs NRB, close war until the end

KT: dCL and rDD
NRB: rGV and dHC


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Loser's round 3:

wf bans: rCCB dYC
WEC bans: rMP rPPS

Loser's round 5:

wf bans: rWS dNBC
JPP bans: rTTC rDDD


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Week 2 Recap
- All the brackets are updated fully with match results and scores. They can be found here: Premier https://challonge.com/agility3 | Amateur

Only the top 8 remain!
These remaining teams are: Prestige, World Friend Star, Blizzard, High Definition, Arcadia Sky, Team JBZZ, Vertex, and World Friend Moon. Good luck to all of them next weekend as they push to the top 4 and the final weekend of the tournament, which will be casted live on the MKC Twitch.

To those still competing in the amateur bracket, good luck in trying to get the best position possible! Agility is an A tier event, so finishing well in the Amateur bracket could help your PR ranking when V4 finishes!

Bracket Update
This tournament definitely hasn't been nice to those who don't like upsets. 'ouais' is currently the bracket in first place, so congrats to whoever that is. Their predictions can be seen here: https://challonge.com/tournaments/7816400/predictions/382557

Track Bans
The usual suspects were at the top of the charts again, with rWS, rDDD, and rMP leading the top 3 respectively. One track that made a leap from last week was rPPS, which jumped from 2 bans last week to 8 bans this week, making it the 5th most banned track in week 2.

6 new tracks were banned this week, bringing leaving only 6 tracks left that are yet to be banned in Agility III. The six new tracks that were banned this week were as follows: dBB, rMMM, dRR, ED, rSL, and dSBS. The tracks that are yet to be banned are TR, MC, dWW, rRRd, rRRY, and TH.

For any extra information, including what every team banned in each individual match, it can be found here: https://bit.ly/Agility3TrackBans

Once again, thanks everyone for playing in Agility III! Whether you're still in or out, we hope you've enjoyed the tournament. If you have any suggestions / feedback for this tournament or ideas for future ones, bring it up in #tournament-suggestions in the MKC Discord!