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Agility III | December 1,8,15,22 | Team Tournament


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Equivoke Bans: DS Wario Stadium, Mount Wario
Re-Birth Bans: 3DS Neo Bowser City, Sunshine Airport.

On behalf of Equivoke, GGs RB!​


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(Posting for Sunset)

Sunset Bans: SNES Donut Plains 3, Animal Crossing
Equivoke Bans: DS Wario Stadium, Mount Wario

GGs ss​


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Match from 7pm CET, GGs

Sunset Bans: SNES Donut Plains 3 & Wii Grumble Volcano
PoD Bans: GCN Baby Park & GCN Dry Dry Desert


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Vertex banned dAC and dNBC. Arcadia Sky banned MW and dDD.
Tricky and LS disconnected during Race 1. Attila and Christo subbed them out.
Attila disconnected during Race 4, with 13 points.
Brandon and Tomsu disconnected during Race 7, with respectively 35 and 56 points.
Brandon disconnected during Race 10, with 10 points (total starting from Race 8)

Race 1

Race 4

Race 7

Race 9

Race 12
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(S7 said they didn't want to post)

S7 picked a banned track first race (rWS) if staff needs I believe proof can be provided.

Special 7 Bans: GCN Sherbet Land, Dragon Driftway
Equivoke Bans: Mount Wario, DS Wario Stadium

GGs S7​
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GG's Prestige
Flow d/c on rCCB with 64
Flow d/C on dRiR with 17

Prestige banned TM, RdKJ
We banned rPPS, rttc

YF bans : rDDD and rWS
ΛD bans : BDD and SGF

Saïd disconnected during the 1st race (DS), his bot made 1 point, Hollend has sub Saïd, he disconnected during the 2nd race (ED), his bot made 1 point, Hollend disconnected again during the 3rd race (rYV), his bot thus remade last, Thib has sub Hollend for the five others tracks.

GG's ΛD !


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WF Moon bans : rWS and DS
JBZZ bans : rYV and rRRy

Neo disconnected during the 2nd map with 17 points

GGs JBZZ for the win


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Equivoke Bans: DS Wario Stadium, Mount Wario
AfterDark Bans: Super Bell Subway, Ice Ice Outpost

GGs AD and good luck with the rest of your tournament!​


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Thanks everyone for playing in Agility III! We all hoped you enjoyed the event and found the idea of having track bans interesting. If you'd like to add your opinion on track bans / suggestions as what to do with these track bans if we do choose to have them in another event, talk about it in #agility-iii-general (if you still have the role), or #mk8dx-discussion.

Track Bans
Since there were track bans, they were all tracked and noted week by week here: https://bit.ly/Agility3TrackBans. There is also a totals tab at the end that wraps together all the bans in each week.

Event Placements
The placements for Agility III are now live on MKC Team profiles, and Player profiles, found here: https://www.mariokartcentral.com/mkc/tournaments/53

Congrats to Prestige for winning it all, as well as JBZZ and wf for finishing in the top 3. Once again thank you to everyone who played, we hope you enjoyed it. This wraps it up for all of our events in 2019 as well as PR V4, have a happy holidays and we hope to see you back in 2020!