[B2] HR 550 - 434 SRG ✓


At the moment of voting the tracks, our player Tistou was disconnected.
As the match hadn't started, I asked the opposing team on the chat if we could break the room so all the players could play the first race.
Without any answer, we played fair and continued the whole match normally despite this disconnection map 1 of HR | Tistou.

As none of us knew if we really had to replay this map 1 again, we decided to play a 13th in case it had to replace the map 1.

Map 1 was rYV
Map 13 was dAC

Note that the table is based on the 12th first maps ; dAC has not been taken into account.

GGs SRG, i hope everyone had fun !
Good luck for next matches !