Collecting Data for Most Picked/Least Picked Tracks in MK8D Competitive Play


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Hello, Mario Kart gamers! Hope you're all feeling well and healthy, despite various levels of lockdown.

I've been putting some thought today into track selection in Mario Kart, and realised that no one seems to have ever collected data on the most picked and least picked tracks in competitive play (or if they have, it's the sort of thing that seems to be kept within teams, probably for scouting/adapting tactics in purpose).

So I'd like to ask the community a favour, which hopefully will prove interesting:

Using the site below, rank all tracks based on how often you see them in ALL FORMS of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe competitive play (MKU Matches, tournaments, lounge in all formats etc.) and post your full list in the thread:

Initially, I thought about just asking for input on team-based play, but didn't want to rule out those who play competitively outside of teams. That being said, if you wish to fill it in twice, once for team-based play and one for FFA/mogi-based play, you're more than welcome to.

In about two weeks from now, I will take everyone's lists, form a comprehensive list based on the averages of all courses, and post my findings/observations here.

A few quick notes/tips for this:

  • If you're struggling to pick between two courses, try not to overthink it too much - just go with whatever your gut tells you.
  • Try not to ask for opinions from others as you're filling in the list - just go with what you, individually, notice.
  • That being said, naturally, the results will be somewhat biased. For example, if many people from a single team fill this in, then the tracks they pick a lot in wars may naturally gravitate more to higher spots than if a team that favours other tracks offers no samples. Hopefully, though, things will average out enough that we can gain a basic understanding of track selection habits overall. If I ever come back and do this survey again, I'll likely create a control group and take people equally from certain teams/divisions to lessen any bias. But for now, I admit it's just pretty casual for now.
I'm going to make some predictions as to the top 5 and bottom 5 here. Try not to open this spoiler until you have completed your list, as that'll remove the potential for my opinions to bias things further.

Top 5 (in no order):
  • GBA Cheese Land (my most likely pick for most popular)
  • DS Wario Stadium
  • GBA Mario Circuit
  • Hyrule Circuit
  • DS Tick Tock Clock
(potential for Top 10: GCN Yoshi Circuit, Twisted Mansion, Electrodrome)

Bottom 5 (in no order)

  • Thwomp Ruins (my most likely pick for least popular)
  • Mario Circuit
  • Wii Wario's Gold Mine
  • N64 Toad's Turnpike
  • Mute City
(potential for Bottom 10: N64 Rainbow Road, Water Park, Shy Guy Falls)
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Most of this is based off my experience in D3 (12 team format) and D4 (8 team format), and Lounge Tier C and B, and scrims with D3-D5 teams.
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couple of these feel off but ya. (misclicked against dCL once too would be top 3 if not).


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Not 100% happy with that but i personally feel like i came close with all my experience i have in CW's and lounge matches
(lounge only reason N64 RR is so high up cause ya play that shit everytime but almost never in CW's)


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I didn't think about 6v6 or mogi format, just picked what I thought was the most fun to drive online



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The guys who ranked this list as their favourite tracks are the same people who only look at pictures in textbooks



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only based off of what DY2/teams close to our level pick, this has nothing to do with my own opinions or else this list would look very different


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I did have collected some (19) recent data of our wars. I blacked out our average and stdev and 4th column is number of times played.