Division 14 - Standings & Fixtures

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If you have any questions regarding the league, ruleset, or just in general, feel free to contact me @duncan#0002 on Discord, or bring it up in the Division 14 chat in the MKU Discord.
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Thanks for everything duncan !

It was the first MKU competition for most of us.
We discovered this part of Mario Kart, and it was a pleasure to have experienced this with all the teams. In general, there was a lot of fair play ; it was nice.

GGs everyone !
It's impossible to forget the performance of Royal Stars ! Leaders of the division with only 1 defeat in overall and logically reach the division title.

This team has found original tactics to win : an excellent intelligence of play and a good team cohesion.

Honourable mention for Knights of Wheels, which has excellent individualities. We can see that the team has worked hard to get a run like they have.

Even if it's a team work, I immediately think of Aulo who is amazing in his run. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't in his final. KW can do very good things in the next season.

GGs also to Nerd Prom, Team Luxembourg, Apex Revived, Blue Diamond and Team Upload. Harmonia is proud to met you.

We had fun playing together, and grew a lot collectively.
I wish everyone the best for the future, don't forget to have fun.

Have a nice day,
nsdive, Leader Harmonia.


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sorry this message is a day late but congrats to RS for winning the div!

all in all, thanks to those that played this season and finished it out. i hope you all had fun and i hope to see you all back in season 12!